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Sociology 250 - Fall 1999

Introduction to Social Theory

Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00 - 2:15, CL418


  1. Richard W. Hadden, Sociological Theory: An Introduction to the Classical Tradition
  2. Ruth A. Wallace and Alison Wolf, Contemporary Sociological Theory: Expanding the Classical Tradition

Some background materials for Sociology 250 for the Fall 1999 semester are provided on this web site. These materials are intended primarily for students in Sociology 250 at the University of Regina during the Fall semester of 1999. Others are free to use these materials, but please give appropriate credit if you do so. I apologize for any errors or misinterpretations. Remember that these are notes for classes and are not finished products.

This web page page will be updated periodically as we proceed through the semester. Please provide feedback to the class instructor Paul Gingrich concerning how to improve the presentation of the materials.

Class Syllabus

Class Notes
Canadian Sociological Approaches - December 7
Notes on Postmodernism - December 2
Microsociological Approaches to Sex and Gender - November 30
Notes on Hochschild and Ethnomethodology - November 25
Blumer and Goffman - November 23
Introduction to Micro Sociology - November 9
Parsons (Continued) - November 4
Functionalism and Parsons - November 2
Feminism and Classical Sociology - October 28
Social Facts and Suicide - October 26
Introduction to Durkheim and Division of Labour - October 19-21
Rationalization and Bureaucracy - October 12
Domination, Legitimacy, Authority - October 12
Social Action - October 7
Class, Status, Party - October 5
Introduction to Max Weber - September 30
Marx's Theory of Social Class - September 28
Labour Theory of Value - September 23
Historical Materialism - September 21
Marx on Alienation - September 16
Link to Estranged Labour
Quotes from Marx
Introduction to Marx - September 14
Enlightenment - September 14
Introduction to Theory - September 9
Introduction - September 7

Assignments for Fall, 1999
Third Term Paper
Second Term Paper
First Term Paper

Assignments from Previous Semesters
First Paper - Fall, 1995
Second Paper - Fall, 1995
Third Paper - Fall, 1995
First Midterm - Fall, 1995
Second Midterm - Fall, 1995
Final Examination - Fall, 1995


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