Sociology 250

Third Short Paper

Due: December 14, 1999

1. A third paper will not be required. If the grade you received for the first two papers is acceptable to you, then you need not write a third paper. I will take the grades for the first two papers and recalculate the total for these out of 30. For example, if you received 7.4 on the first paper and 7.8 on the second, for a total of 15.2 out of 20, that is 76%, so I would give you 0.76 x 30 = 22.8 out of 30 for the papers portion of the final grade.

2. If you decide to write a third paper, this paper will in no case lower your grade, although if you do well on the paper, it might raise your grade. In addition, if the grade on this paper is 70% or more, I will give you one extra point toward your f inal grade for the class.

For the final paper, select one of the writers or approaches discussed in the last section of the class (after Parsons) and write a paper summarizing and critiquing the views of this author or approach. The paper should be no longer than five ty pewritten double-spaced pages. Guidelines concerning referencing and use of gender neutral language are the same as for previous papers.

November 30, 1999


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