MURPHY RESEARCH GROUP Photoresponsive Lipid-based Nanoparticles

We are developing amphiphilic organic molecules that respond to light by changing their structure and properties. These light-driven molecular switches (i.e., photoswitches) will be integrated with lipid-based supramolecular assemblies such as micelles and lipid vesicles to form photoresponsive nanoparticles. These biocompatible nanoparticles will have potential application in on-demand ion transport or drug delivery where the delivered dose will be regulated with light.

Nanoparticle delivery vehicles offer many advantages over conventional drug formulations. They increase drug solubility, minimize drug degradation, reduce clearance from the body, and enhance therapeutic efficacy. In addition, a delivery vehicle with light-triggered release provides a high level of spatial and temporal control that will provide a higher local concentration of therapeutics, reduce the overall injected dose, and reduce systemic toxicity.

Our approach will produce new photochromic materials, will lead to patentable technologies, and will benefit public health.

If you are interested in joining the Murphy Research Group please contact us for further information regarding these research opportunities.

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