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Sociology 319 Winter 2003

Contemporary Social Theory

OFFICE HOURS -- Tuesday, April 15, 11-noon and Thursday, April 17, 10-11 a.m.



For the final examination, bring the readings by Coleman, Marcuse, Habermas, and Baudrillard.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 11:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m., CL345


Bryan S. Turner, editor, The Blackwell Companion to Social Theory, 2nd edition

Some background materials for Sociology 319 for the Winter 2003 semester are provided on this web site. These materials are intended primarily for students in Sociology 319 at the University of Regina during the Winter semester of 2003. Others are free to use these materials, but please give appropriate credit if you do so. I apologize for any errors or misinterpretations. Remember that these are notes for classes and are not finished products.

This web page page will be updated periodically as we proceed through the semester. Please provide feedback to the class instructor Paul Gingrich concerning how to improve the presentation of the materials.

Class Syllabus


Class Notes

Baudrillard April 7

Postmodernism April 4

Habermas April 2

Marcuse March 28

Critical Theory March 26

Critical Theory Introduction

Class and Patriarchy March 19

Feminist Theory March 12-17

Rational Choice Theory March 3-10

Denzin on Sexuality and Gender February 7

Erving Goffman February 7

Georg Simmel February 3

Introduction to Symbolic Interactionism January 31

Giddens and Structuration Theory January 29-31

Garfinkel and Ethnomethodology January 27

Theories of Praxis January 20-24

Parsons on Social Action January 17

Weber on Social Action January 13-15

Theories and Action and Praxis January 13

Foundations of Social Theory January 8-10

Introduction January 6


Assignments for Winter 2003

Third Paper Due April 21, 2003

Second Paper Due March 24, 2003

First Paper Due February 7, 2003



Parsons The Unit Act

Mead Mind, Self, and Society

Giddens Dilemmas of the Self

Garfinkel Features of Common Understandings


Examinations from previous semesters

Midterm Winter 2000

Final Winter 2000


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Department of Sociology and Social Studies
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