Sociology 319

Winter 2003

Third Paper (15 points)

Due: April 21, 2003


Select a topic or an author different from that you selected for the first or second paper. If relevant, include a critique of the views of the sociologist or sociological perspective discussed in your paper. The paper is to be approximately five double-spaced printed pages. Make sure you include a list of reference sources.

Option to combine second and third papers by writing one longer paper. This paper is to be on a topic in contemporary sociological theory, more comprehensive than the short papers, and approximately double the length of the short papers. This longer paper will be marked out of 30 points and is due on April 21 at the latest.



1.      One of the topics from the second paper topics could be used for the third paper.

2.      Select an example of a current social issue and illustrate how a rational choice explanation could provide insight into the issue.

3.      Describe and analyze one of the feminist authors or approaches, emphasizing the sociological implications of the work.

4.      Contemporary sociological issues are often reflected in media (e.g. TV, internet, music, film, advertisements). Select an example or issue in the media and analyze it using contemporary sociological approaches.

5.      Select either Habermas or Marcuse and summarize some sociological implications of their analysis.

6.      Explain what you understand to be the main contributions of postmodern writers to sociological theory and analysis.

7.      Select one of the postmodern writers and explain some of the sociological implications of their approach.

8.      Select one of the chapters from the text that we will not cover in class (structuralism, culture, time and space, sociology of the body). Explain and analyze one of the sociological issues discussed in the chapter.

9.      Any other topic that may be relevant to a discussion of contemporary sociological theory but discuss with me first.


Paul Gingrich

March 19, 2003