Research Interests

  • Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of Mechanical Devices/Components:

    · Chatter vibrations in high speed and precision machining;
    · Vehicle dynamics and kinematics, vehicle structural vibrations; 
    · Liquid sloshing in moving containers;
    · Chaotic, quasiperiodic and periodic behavior of nonlinear vibration systems;
    · Linear and nonlinear vibrations of mechanical devices.

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) with Seismic Wave and Vibration Stimulation:

    · Wave propagation in porous media;
    · Energy conservative vibration stimulation with multiple energy sources; 
    · Multiphase fluid mobilization in porous media with experimental and numerical approaches;
    · Wave motion in half-space porous media;
    · Theoretical and experimental approaches of the response of strata saturated with water and oil to elastic waves;
    · Oil field appication of EOR with seismic wave and vibration stimulation technique.

  • Acoustic Engineering:

    · Noise assessment and noise control for all terrain vehicles;
    · Speech privacy in enclosure, sound propagation in large-scale power plant, industrial noise control and acoustic materials design;
    · Traffic noise mapping and traffic noise evaluation;
    · Trafficnoise control with porous pavements.

  • Fatique Analysis:

    · Fatigue strength assessment of vehicle structures subjected to nonlinear dynamical loading due to road conditions, operation maneuvers and sloshing of liquid cargos.
    · Finite element fatigue analysis for steel ASME pressure vessels and tank vehicle structures exerted by cyclic operating pressures.

  • CAD in Mechanical Design:

    · Stress/strain/deformation analysis for engineering structures with large deformation and thermal effects;
    · Numerical modeling of motions and dynamical responses of mechanical devices subject to linear and nonlinear loadings;
    · Fracture assessment (stress-strain-deformation states at crack tip) of mechanical components under triaxial loading.

  • Constitutive Relation:

    · Geometrically and physically nonlinear wave propagation in thermoelastic media including a novel constitutive theory.

  • Design and Manufacturing Optimization:

    · Optimization of mechanical design and manufacturing with nonlinearities and uncertainties.

  • Computer simulation (Vehicles and Machinery), novel numerical method:
  • · Numerical simulation of liquid slosh in moving containers of various shapes;
    · Effective and accurate numerical methods through a technique of “piecewise constantization” in simulating linear and nonlinear vibrations, chaotic behavior and dynamical responses of vehicles and machineries;
    · P-T method developed generates more accurate and faster convergent result in comparing with Runge-Kutta method.