Dr. Yang Zhao

University of Regina
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4S 0A2

Email: zhaoyang "at" uregina "dot" ca
Office Phone: +(306)585-4348


Stat 151-004: Statistical Methods I
Stat 160-001: Introductory Statistics
Stat 252-001: Introduction to Statistical Inference
Stat 257-001: Applied Sampling Techniques
Stat 354-001: Linear Statistical Models
Stat 357-001: Sampling Theory
Stat 384-001: Categorical Data Analysis
Stat 452/852-001: Advanced Statistical Inference
Stat 471-001: Time Series Analysis
Stat 855-001: Generalized Linear Models
Stat 890AD-001: Analysis of Longitudinal Data
Stat 890AG-001: Statistical Analysis with Missing Data

Research Interests

Statistics and Biostatistics: incomplete data, measurement error, maximum likelihood, EM-algorithm, goodness of fit, and two-phase sampling design.


Stat & Act U of Waterloo

Installing R: R is free, open source code, and if you wish you can download it into your PC: Go to http://www.r-project.org and click on CRAN under "downloads". Select a platform under "Precompiled Binary Distributions". This will put you into a directory structure. Windows: go to "base" folder. Download and execute "rw1091.exe".