I am an Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Campion College, and also part of the Department of Physics in the University of Regina, SK, Canada. Previously, I was a Plaskett Fellow at NRC-Herzberg in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I am a dynamical modeler with a strong background in observational astronomy. Lately much of my work involves "observing" imaginary planets and dust using computer code, but I still get a lot of opportunity to compare my predictions with real data from real telescopes.

I study the orbits of planets and how they evolve over time. By studying the orbits of Kuiper Belt objects and carefully taking into account observational biases, we can learn about how the giant planets migrated in the early days of the Solar System. In exoplanet systems, we can use the structure of debris disks (dusty disks around stars made by colliding asteroids) to find exoplanets that would otherwise be invisible.

Are you a student looking for a supervisor?

I am looking undergraduate co-op (work term) students to work with me on various research projects, and I can supervise graduate students who have funding from outside sources (NSERC, etc). Take a look at my Science page and send me an email if these sorts of topics interest you!