The following print or web publications critically discuss Gerald Saul and/or his filmmaking practice:

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2017, winter/spring, Splice Magazine, "Anecdotal Evidence: The Work of Gerald Saul" by Chrystene Ells.
2017, group exhibition at the Dunlop Art Gallery: Meet in the Middle, Saskatchewan Gothic       
2016, a 7 week retrospective at the Art Gallery of Regina, curated by the Strandline Collective. The Anecdotal Evidence catalog was written by Ken Wilson and designed by Brent Pylot.
2014, Overlooking Saskatchewan: Minding the Gap edited by Rogers and Ramsay, "Chapter 16: Private Regina: the Poetics and Politics of Memory" by Christina Stojanova.
2014, the late Paul Crepeau, then a student in the Film program at the University of Regina where I teach, wrote an essay (Creativity and Conundrums) about me for a course on Canadian Cinema Dr. Christine Ramsay.
2014, April 8, The Film Corner by Greg Klymkiw, "Wheat Soup" cited within online review of 1987 film "Downtime" in context of Gen-X prairie filmmaking.
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