A Spin Around Turtle Park (after John Porter’s Cinefuge)

super-8 film, 3.5 minutes, 2006 (additional image 1)

This was made for the sixth One Take Super 8 Event in Regina. Inspired by John Porter, and shooting in his style with his permission, I built a contraption to hold my super-8 camera and swing it around myself. John says that he can do a whole role without getting dizzy; I definitely cannot. I needed to stop, I was nearly ill. I followed John's approach further by making the film in place in the city of significance and noting that in the title. John is very conscious of his locations in Toronto. Philosophically, I felt the film suggests that if cinema is truly winding down, then we must avoid circular arguments, look it straight in the eye, and reign it in before we loose control. Screened at Antimatter in Victoria and $100 Film Festival in Calgary.