Mr. Saul’s Day At The Beach

super-8 film, 3.5 minutes, 2006 (additional still 1)

This film was presented live at the Cathedral Arts festival here in Regina. There was a large crowd who where there to see bands and commedians, very few people knew me beforehand. It is the fourth Mr. Saul's Utopia film.


Hello, my name is Mr. Saul. Thank you for joining me to view this film. I must begin with a deeply earnest apology. You see, you have been drawn here under somewhat false pretenses, that is to say, on coming here to see a new film made by me, Mr. Saul, the publicizors of this film screening event have been remiss in informing you that the super-8 movie film before you was made, in part, by my wife. I must further apologize for the super-8 movie film shot by my wife because, as I am certain you can observe and comprehend, she has not received the training required to create a truly worthwhile movie. Understand that I received a comprehensive overview of the proper loading and operation of the super-8 camera by Wayne, an authorized retail assistant at the photo shop when I purchased my finely crafted unit. Wayne had over 7 months experience before being assigned to be my sales representative. The most recent correspondence I have had with Wayne, within his annual Christmas letter if memory serves, indicated that he is now an assistant manager and continues to climb the ever important financial ladder. Be certain that if one is not properly trained, then artistry is never possible. It brings to mind my four year old son, William's response regarding his culinary choices. He told his mother that he desired to have his pizza dinner "cooked and not sat upon". Indeed, this is a clear reminder that we must maintain minimum standards at all times. I could count one hand the times that I have been approached with the question; "Mr. Saul, how can I make movies as insightful as those that you have made?" and I answer the same each time - "listen to the experts and read your instruction booklet". Some people believe that instructions may be discarded upon purchasing of audio/visual equipment. They fail to understand that, aside from this resulting in warranties becoming void, that this wanton act is an insult to the hundreds of men who contributed to the crafting of that booklet, men whose only desire is to shape you, the ordinary man, into an artist like me, Mr. Saul.
So this was a day at the beach. Oh, I see we have moved on from there to some other activities that, in my wisdom, must have been important enough to film and to present to you today. I hope that you have found this film to be appropriately instructional.

The live performance: