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I am a co-artistic director in the Cabinet Collective Inc which organized the Caligari Project, a four month multi-disciplinary festival of German Expressionist art in Regina in 2016. While there are no specific future committments for the Cabinet Collective (which currently includes Chrystene Ells, Berny Hi, and Rowan Pantel), the group was formed to organize arts and culture events and may be looking at another project for 2018.

For the most part, I consider my creation of films, my writing of reviews, and my curation of film programs to be my research. These are places I develop new ideas and express my ideas to the world. However, the university environment has expanded my view of research and led me to place greater value on aspects of the process as being some of the ends in themselves. This began in the early 2000s with "Toxic" and the exploration of hand processing of motion picture film. This project not only included the creation of six short films, it also had me employ my first student assistant, test the limits of chemical usage, exhibit works in progress, present lectures, conduct public workshops, assist other filmmakers, and teach results to undergraduate and graduate students. Some of my research projects were more successful than others. Some expanded to include many people, some barely made it off of the drawing board.

Hand processing film

Super-8 film


Reinventing Kinematography

My research also includes involvement with the New Media Studio Laboratory at the University of Regina from 2002 until its closure in 2015 and with the Quality End of Life Care Research Group between the University of Regina and University of Saskatoon, 2006-2011.