HD Video, 113 seconds , colour, 2012

I had been reading a number or articles about Marcel Duchamp and his ideas and ideology and looking at photographs Duchamp did as well as other photography being taken in the 1930s. This led me to want to shoot some photographic studies of normal objects, elevating them out of "ordinary" status to become something more. I used a 14" lazy Suzan device. lit with some basic 3 point lighting, backed it with a monochrome screen. In scouring the house for normal-but-odd objects, I found this toy piano I'd purchased at a thrift sale the year before. It was not the right shape to be photographed with the other objects, but seemed write to use with a sort of 1930s sensibility of the absurd, replacing its normal sound with other sounds (the first few notes actually are the sounds it makes). This was first shown publically at the Filmpool Premiere screening in Regina in November, 2012.

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