The Portrait Project

 The Portrait Project was the brainchild of Professor Kathryn Bracht at the University or Regina as a theatre student project to perform to the camera while in isolation during the Covid lockdown in 2020. I approached Kathryn to see if the film students in my fall 2020 experimental film course could get involved.  Students did not end up working together but instead, students in both the theatre area dn the film area had portait paintings from which to create responses in their individual fields. The filmed theatre performances were then inperspersed with the short film projects of the same portraits and streamed to the public.             

The project became    a multimedia collaboration that explores identity, isolation, and creativity in these unknown times. The Department of Theatre and the Department of Film at the University of Regina have teamed up to produce this project. 26 students have brought life to 13 different portraits, creating monologues and experimental short films inspired by the paintings.


Youtube of final compolation of films