Grain: Until We Part

This is a 2.5 minute film which considers the raw material of cinema, the roll of film. This uncut 100’ of 16mm contains shots studying cow skulls, bleached white by the sun in reference to the death knells of the celluloid form.  The title makes reference to my long time union with film “Until death do us part”, but is in denial of the word, and presence of, death.


This film was first devised to be a part of the program "About the Image" proposed by Bulgarian curator Mircea Bochis.About this series, he writes:

"ABOUT THE IMAGE (film project) I dedicate this film project to the image because this is our„work material” especially in regards to the relations of images with„that which is truly” in the image, arguments that establish that something „is true” being defined by the acts of language and the forms of knowledge. In this context, the terminology of the image does not necessarily send you to artistic objects, but to intellect and rhetoric functions performed by the image. Because the image becomes a significant object of sight, it is firstly a creation of language. The language is the one that indicates the fundamental visibility and non-visibility of something, stretching away from what is seen in order to uncover the meaning of that thing that is being seen. The language is also the one that uncovers the possibilities of knowing the thing that is seen by starting from its existence, existence that is not only about appearance. A thing that is immediately visible is not necessarily an image or an image does not necessarily represent a visible thing that can be replaced by an image. The image constructs its own visibilities and creates a language that uses the visible to give sense to an existential and conceptual content. Only the artistic image is made exclusively for sight, to be seen, but this is a particular case in the field of images."