Film awards

Filmmaking is not a sport and should not be judged competitively. Many festivals give out awards but that is not the reason I look to screen at them.  The need and interest in awards for film, certainly promoted by the big events such as the Academy Awards, grows in importance.  Awards are sought by filmmakers hoping that recognition of this nature will help them get their foot into some important door, and perhaps sometimes it does. For this reason, many festivals promote the prize winning aspects of their events.  

The following are some of the awards that I have documentation on having won:

2019 Testament of Frankenstitch Calcutta International Cult Film Festival award.
2018 Dali and Warhol Cult Critic Collection Project outstanding achievement award
2017 Eyes of Sorrow Moon Southern Arizona Film Festival, best performance award        
2017 Testament of Frankenstitch Whoops Film Festival (Brooklyn), screenplay and performance awards
2016 Eyes of Sorrow Moon Festigious International Online Film Festival, best horror film award
2005 Toxic Series: Regina Festival of Cinematic Arts. Winner Viewers Choice award.
1996 Dance, $100 Film Festival (Calgary), awarded best super-8 of festival.
1991 Parable  1991, Saskatchewan Showcase award, Best Animation.
1990 Angst Saskatchewan Showcase award for Best Experimental Film
1987 Wheat Soup  Saskatchewan Showcase awards for Best Cinematography (Spyro Egarhos), Best Sound (Marc LaFoy) and Best Production (Gerald Saul and Brian Stockton).
1987  I Can't Go Home  Saskatchewan Showcase,  Best First Production
1986 Ger-Film Neutral Grouind Film Competition, honourable mention