The following are instances of Gerald Saul appearing on radio or television shows,
primarily for the purpose of discussing film or filmmaking:

CTV Morning Live2019, May 17, CJTR Community Radio, Queen City Improvement Bureau talk show regarding film "Could I Sleep".
2019, January, Dunlop Art Gallery podcast, half hour interview conducted by curator Blair Fornwald on topic of my curation of "Dreaming of Surrealism" film series for RPL Film Theatre.
2018, July 11, CJTR Regeina community radio, co-hosted episode of "Spoiler Alert", 60 minute broadcast on top of time travel within narrative films (presentation notes for "the game").
2018, July 4, CJTR Regina community radio program "Spoiler Alert" discussed "Wheat Soup", using it as a subject of a game. .
2016, October 4, interviewed on "CTV Morning Live" (television) along with Victor Sawa to talk about the “Caligari Project”. 
2016, April 7, Interviewed by Sheila Coles on CBC Radio regarding “Caligari Project”.
2014, November 10, participated in podcast "Two Idahoan Potato Farmers" 30 minute creative discussion of film, (Episode 9, Hansel and Girdle).
2014, March 8, interviewed for CTV news (Regina, local) regarding film students and the importance of the Living Skies Film Festival.
2013, November 7, CBC Saskatchewan interview with Craig Lederhouse, Afternoon Edition regarding Terrible Film Festival (
2013, July 16, one hour interview on CJTR Community Radio, Soul Connection, regarding poetry and film.
2013, March 14, CBC Saskatchewan radio interview with Sheila Cole, “Morning Edition” re: “Wheat Soup”.
2008, November, interviewed for television program “Hollywood Saskatchewan” by Mark Montague.
2007, July 25, interviewed on CJTR Radio along with graduate student Chrystene Ells regarding Ells’ feature film “Sisu”.
2006, April 19, one hour Interview on community radio (CJTR, Regina), Radio Delarte re: “Worst Movies”.
2006, September 6, One hour Interview on community radio (CJTR, Regina), Radio Delarte re: “Toxic Films”.
2006, October 24, interviewed by journalism student regarding Oliver Stone, October 24.
2006, March 27, Interviewed by Ozan Akgun for film student documentary.
2005, Dec 21, Guest on Radio Delarte, CJTR, 1 hour on Christmas movies.
2005, Dec. 14, review of “Mr. Saul” film at MacKenzie by Sylvie Zieman, Radio Delarte, CJTR.
2005, May 3, Tv interview, CBC Saskatchewan on screening of “Toxic” film.
2005, April 20, Radio interview regarding student screenings, CJTR
2003, critical introduction written and presented by Christine Ramsay to "Wheat Soup" for Prairie Night at the Movies, Saskatchewan Communications Network, provincial broadcast, (rerun 2003-2008).
2003, October 10, Interviewed on Saskatoon Community Radio, 20 minutes.
January 24, 2003, Access 7, intro/extro to "Dread" on "Phantom Flicker" hosted by Tyler Lukiwski
2002, November 29, CJTR Community Radio “Untitled” art discussion program (Felipe Diaz and Margaret Bessai) reviewed “Poppa: Toxic 2".
October 4, 2002, SCN Christine Ramsay introduced and discussed "Wheat Soup" on " Prairie Night at the Movies".
2002, March 15, CKCK Tv interview (Tom Brown) regarding Saskatchewan Filmpool.
2002, March 12, CKRM radio interview (John Merney) regarding Saskatchewan Filmpool.
2002, March 12, CBC Tv interview (Shannon Ritter) regarding Saskatchewan Filmpool.
2002, February 26, Access 7 Tv interview (Talk of the Town) regarding Saskatchewan Filmpool.
February 27, 2002, Access 7, "Talk of the Town" re: Filmpool 25th anniversary
2002, January 17, CBC radio interview (Joanne Skidmore) regarding Saskatchewan movie posters on display at Dunlop Art Gallery on The Arts Report, nationally and locally.
February-March 2002, Saskatchewan Filmpool 25th Anniversary spots, one based on "My Idea" and another based on "Dr. Watermellon".
2001, Splice TV (Regina, Access 7), interview on subject of "hand processed film" features work in progress footage from "Toxic".
2000, October 5, Interviewed by Learning And Skills Television of Alberta regarding Film Department.
2000, January 4, Splice TV, season 3, episode 6, featuring interview with Saul regarding film project “Life Is Like Lint” premiered on Cable 7.
2000, Interviewed on camera by Corey Bryant of Access Communications (Regina) regarding Jean Oser.
1999, Splice TV (Regina, Cable 7) Phillippe Mather, Patrick Lowe, and Jeannie Mah discussing "Wheat Soup" in terms of Landscape.
January 1998, CBC news re: Jean Oser and John Glenn film.
1996, Splice Tv (Regina, Cable 7) interviewed in episode directed by Lesley Farley on topic of "Animation".
January 2, 1995, Utopia Cafe, CBC tv, interview by Stephen Hall calling Saul the "stop motion man".
June 19, 1992 Access 7, "Alternative Tracks" interview by Jay Willemont regarding "Stoaters" music video
December 13, 1991, CTV Regina, "Eye on Saskatchewan" with Johnny Sanderson regarding film "Angst"
1987, fall, CTV (Saskatchewan) "Sask Film Week" promo films, featuring Gerald Saul, directed by Gerald Saul, BrianStockton and Angelos Hatzitolios