The following is a list of newspaper or web articles mentioning or discussing Gerald Saul and his films/activities:


October 28, 2021, CBC Radio, French Saskatchewan, "C’est aujourd’hui la Journée mondiale du cinéma d’animation" by Raphaële Frigon
June 10, 2021, Regina Leader Post, "Eco-friendly filmmaking catching on in city" by Gillian Francis
May 27, 2021, Regina Leader Post, "Cathedral Garage Fire closes tine alley venue for film, arts" by Alec Salloum 
July 3, 2020, UofR Degrees Magazine, "Roll Out the Red Carpet" by Wanda Schmöckel
April 4, 2020, Regina Leader Post, "Outdoor arts festival on the move from village streets to cyberspace"   by Ashley Martin
January 30, 2020, Regina Leader Post, "Revisiting Caligari, which 'exploded' in Regina four years ago" by Ashley Martin 
November 24, 2018, Regina Leader Post, "Beta Test creators make the grade at indy film awards" by Ashley Martin
November 30, 2017 UofR external relations,"Film school grad and WolfCop creator returns to campus with a highly unusual promotion of his movie sequel" by Costa Maragos
September 8, 2017, Regina Leader Post, "Filmpool celebrates 40 years of Sask. filmmaker support" by Ashley Martin
June 2017, various press for International Puppet Underground Festival
October 2016. Regina Prairie Dog, "Enter the Shadow" by Gregory Beatty.
August, 2016. Regina Prairie Dog, "Saul’s Long Shadow: A Regina film and arts icon gets his turn in the spotlight" by Gregory Beatty
July 11,2016 "Saul's cinematic works featured in film professor's retrospective" by Costa Maragos
July 25, 2016. Regina Leader Post, "30-plus years of film celebrated in Anecdotal Evidence" by Ashley Martin
2016, Caligari Project (co-creative director) press package
Oct. 11, 2014, Regina Leader Post, "Innovators ignite a passion for science" by Rachel Psutka.
Nov. 7, 2013, UofR Carillon, "Burning Retina One Film at a Time: the Terrible Film Festival is back for another round" by Destiny Kaus.
June, 2013, Regina Prairie Dog, "They Might be Giants: family of three lives large in the creative community" by Amber Goodwyn.
March 18, 2013, Regina Leader Post, "Filmpool Celebrates 36th Year" by Terrence McEachern.
Winter 2013, Splice Magazine, SK Filmpool, "A Night of Poetry and Film" by Nathan Mader and "Puppets Take Regina" by Milena Dzordeski.
Fall/Winter 2012, UofR Degrees Magazine "From P.A. to L.A.", article on alumni Nicholas Treeshin (pages 20-21) by Brian Miller.
Nov. 10, 2011, UofR Carillon, "A not-so-terrible time: The Tenth annual Terrible Film Fest wasn't half-bad" by Kyle Leitch.
Nov 3, 2011, UofR Carillon "Do-it-yourself cinema: Terrible Film Festival showcases student filmmakers at their most vulnerable" by Paul Bogdan.
October 7, 2010, UofR Carillon "A Reel Good Time", article on Terrible Film Festival by Paul Bogdan.
November 6, 2008, Regina Prairie Dog, "Super Great: lovable film festival wallows in smug, unedited magnificent" by Carle Steel.
March, 2007, Regina Prairie Dog, article on Saskatchewan Filmpool Anniversary by Greg Beatty.
September 29, 2005, Foam Lake (Sk) newspaper "Speak To Me" article by Joanne Cadem.
Summer 2005 , Point of View magazine issue 58, "The Harvest of Phil Hoffman", by Janis Cole (only a photo of G. Saul and mention of name).
Sept 16-22, 2004 Fast Forward (Calgary weekly newspaper), "Master of cinematic voodoo, death of film processor Rick Doe leaves empty space in Calgary's film community" by Andrea Huck.
February 2003, Regina Prairie Dog "Sask-Film Rising: Commercially and artistically, the Province's film scene is flourishing" by Carrie-May Siggins.
March 7, 2002, Regina Prairie Dog "Lights, Camera, Party: Saskatchewan Filmpool Celebrates 25 Years" by Greg Beatty.
March 11, 2002, Regina Leader Post "Filmpool marks 25th anniversary" by Will Chabun.
July 22, 2001, Saskatoon Sun, "Making Movies one step at a time" by Jenny Gabruch.
October 19, 2000, Prairie Dog, "Targeted Tax Cuts Fuel Film Industry. Independent Filmmakers Forgotten?" by Greg Beatty.
October 19, 2000, Prairie Dog, "Saskatchewan Film Timeline" (author uncredited).
Fall 2000, Hudson Bay Newspaper, "Picture Show", writer unknown.
September 8, 2000, Regina Leader Post, "Editing suite boon to film students" by Colleen Silverthorn.
April 6, 2000, Regina Leader Post "Video wrong medium for show" by Jack Anderson
July 11, 1997, Regina Leader Post "Exhibition of avant-garde film challenges Hollywood model" by Greg Beatty.
November 2, 1995, Toronto Star, "Perpetual puberty, on video" by Peter Goddard.
February 27, 1991, Edmonton Journal, "Festival Independents Show Thursday"
June 1, 1990, Medicine Hat News "Prairie film festival draws few" by Petra Kossman.
1988, Splice Magazine, Filmpool, winter, "Wheat Soup, an interview with Gerald Saul and Brian Stockton"
November 16, 1987, Regina Leader Post, "Film Festival winner is unusual idea" by James Parker
November 1987, Carillon (University of Regina student paper), "More Than Just Consommé" by Trevor Cunningham (Wheat Soup review)
October 1987, Regina Leader Post, "Saskatchewan as a nuclear wasteland: Regina film-makers win with surrealistic comedy" by Patrick Davitt.