Mr. Saul's Ultimate Getaway

super-8 film, 5 minutes, 2009

This is tentatively the last of the Mr. Saul's Utopia series, pending a new inspiration.


Greetings once again. My name, as you know, is Mr. Saul. I am, as they say, “guilty as charged” for presenting this evening’s cinematic experience.  Guilty only in terms of this being a guilty pleasure for me to see the joy in your faces, to hear the thrill of your cheers, and to have the honour to receive your abundant accolades. Of course, I am a big enough man to admit that at one time my moving pictures did not have the sophistication they have today. On the first roll of super-8 movie film that I shot with my camera, I did not heed Wayne’s advice and I attempted, without suitable success, to simultaneously pan and zoom. Of course we can all laugh about it now, but at that time, my wife needed to trim all of the crusts from the guests’ sandwiches for three weeks before I could be certain they had forgiven the incident.

Since you certainly know all of that from chapter nine of my self published autobiography, I will ask you to cast your eyes onto the silver screen erected before you. As you can see, the breathtaking images of the Mediterranean cruise that …..

Oh, that’s peculiar. This seems to be the incorrect roll. Hmmm. Has anyone seen a spool of film. It’s three point five inches in diameter? 8mm thick; that’s about a quarter of an inch? Plastic? Hmmmm. …… That’s a nice shot. …… Are there any of those shrimp crackers left? I will check in the kitchen. Excuse me.

<footsteps walking away>