Memories of Uncle's House

super-8, 4 minutes, black and white, 2009

This project tells a one sided story through direct address of a man blinded by his desire for eternal life but who is unable to slow down and appreciate the complexities of the world around him. Memories are depicted through ever-changing yet static glimpses of the past. Is immortality, in the form of cinematic representation, already at our fingertips yet frittered away on triviality and noise?

I shot this using a series of kodochrome slides through a series of magnifying glasses to create distortion and ambiguity. The slides are of people and places unknown to me, having been purchased at a garage sale earlier that year. It premiered at the One Take Super 8 Event in Regina in November 2009. It was also programmed into the $100 Film Festival in Calgary in 2011 and the 8 Fest in Toronto in January 2014. I was highly inspired by the work of Steve Reinke in the creation of this film.

For more fictions I created around images from the same set of slides (but not the same images), see my blog entries that I pre-posted during my vacation in the summer of 2008

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