Dali and Warhol

HD, 2 minutes, colour, 2017

Using puppets built by Margaret Bessai in 2000 for an ill-fated presentation we'd prepared for a Neutral Ground Art Gallery fundraiser. The puppets have been staring at me from my office shelf since then. Dali's mustache needed repair but otherwise they were ready to go. The audio is edited from interviews with Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol (separately) by Douglas P. Cooper in the 1970s. The puppets were shot separately, Warhol against a mylar screen with an overhead projector generating a colour pattern, and Dali against a green screen.


Winner: outstanding achievement for short film in the Cult Critic Collection Project, February, 2018 and screened at the Jean-Luc Godard Awards in Kolkata, India in September 2018.