This is a 7x7 Greco-Latin square quilt for my nephew Jack. Turns out that it is his special blanket (he can't sleep without it) and it is much the worse for wear!
This is my first mathematical quilt.
  This is my second mathematical quilt, it is a 7x7 Greco-Latin square.
  This is one of the baby quilts I've done. It's a two-sided and each side is a copy of a painting by Miro.

  And another baby quilt.
  This is the model for the soon to be standard double sided wedding duvet cover. Notice the center pieces on the dark side. They are scraps from a really old crazy quilt that I found at a garage sale. The fabric is incredible, really old and unlike anything I have found since.
  This was a very fun and easy duvet cover. The pattern is called "lazy gal" because it is so easy. Just rip fabric into strips and sew them together, and don't mind if they are not quite straight! An excellent pattern for a first quilt.
  This is my first quilt ever


Other quilts may be posted later...

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