Teaching Interests

Undergraduate Courses:
      ENGG 140:     Mechanics for Engineers–Statics
      ENGG 141:     Mechanics for Engineers–Dynamics
      ENGG 330:     Engineering Numerical Methods
      ENIN 253:      Engineering Themodynamics
      ENIN 355:      Heat, Mass, and Momentum Transfer
      ENPE 251:      Reservoir Fluids Properties 
      ENPE 380:      Petroleum Treating Operations
      ENPE 400:      Petroleum Systems Engineering 4th-Year Project Start-up
      ENPE 419:      Petroleum Systems Engineering 4th-Year Project 

Graduate Courses:
      ENPE 801:       Surface Thermodynamics
      ENGG 814:      Advanced Thermodynamics
      ENPE 880:       Interfacial Phenomena in Petroleum Recovery Processes




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