Research Projects


NSERC Grants
  1. Fundamental studies of carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) in tight oil
      formations, NSERC discovery grant, 2014-2018.

  2. Mutual interactions between the reservoir oil, brine, formation, and injected CO2 under actual reservoir
      conditions, NSERC CRD grant, 2010-2012.
  3. Fundamental studies, physical and mathematical modeling of a solvent vapour extraction (VAPEX) process
      for in-situ enhanced heavy oil recovery, NSERC discovery grant, 2009-2013.

  4. Mass transfer of solvents in heavy oil reservoirs, NSERC discovery grant, 2004-2008.
  5. Effects of capillary force, wettability and interfacial phenomena on fluid flow in porous media, NSERC
      research grant, 2000-2003.
  6. Liquid interfacial analysis (LIA) system and high-pressure fluid flow (HPFF) system, NSERC equipment
      grant, 2000-2001.

CFI Funds
  7. 3-D physical and computational reservoir modeling laboratory, CFI leaders opportunity fund, Principal
      investigators: Fanhua Zeng, Yongan Gu, Farshid Torabi, 2010-2012.
  8. International test center (ITC) for carbon dioxide capture, CFI innovative fund, Principal investigators: Amit
      Chakma, Yongan Gu, Amr Henni, Gordon Huang, Raphael Idem, Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul, Amornvadee
      Veawab, Andrea Wee, 2002-2003.
  9. Scanning electron microscope (SEM), CFI new opportunity fund, Principal investigators: Raphael Idem,
      Amornvadee Veawab, Yongan Gu, 2000-2001.

Industrial Projects
  10.  Effects of injection gas impurities on CO2 MMP and EOR, Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)
      Innovation Fund, Principal investigators: Yongan Gu, Sam Huang, Peng Luo, 2010-2011.

   11. Carbon Dioxide enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) processes for Penn West light and medium oil
    reservoirs, PennWest Exploration, New ventures R&D fund, 2010-2012.
   12. Energy-efficient inner-city housing, SHRP, CMHC, and NRC, R&D fund, Principal investigators: Yongan
      Gu, Terry White, 2006-2007.
   13. Factor 9 sustainable house-a new prairie approach, Communities of Tomorrow (COT) and City of Regina, R&D fund,
      Principal investigators: Rob Dumont, Yongan Gu, Rob Bjerke, Ken McKinlay, Helen Russell, 2005-2006.
   14. PVT and bulk fluid phase behaviour studies for solvent-based heavy oil recovery, Husky Energy, Heavy
      oil & gas business unit R&D fund, 2004-2005.

PTRC Projects
   15. Optimum solvent- and water-based oil recovery processes for Bakken formations, PTRC innovation fund, 2011-2013.

   16. CO2-EOR from the residual oil zones (ROZs), PTRC innovation fund, 2012-2013.
   17. Modeling of VAPEX process-an approach to integrate lab tests and pilot tests, PTRC innovation fund,
      Principal investigators: Fanhua Zeng, Yongan Gu, Kelly Knorr, 2010-2012.
   18. Asphaltene precipitation and its effects on CO2-enhanced oil recovery (CO2 -EOR), PTRC innovation fund,
   19. Asphaltene precipitation and its effects on solvent vapour extraction (VAPEX) heavy oil recovery, PTRC
      innovation fund, 2007-2009.
   20. Solvent dispersion effect on solvent vapour extraction (VAPEX) heavy oil recovery, PTRC innovation fund,
   21. Phase separation of a solvent-saturated heavy oil, PTRC innovation fund, 2006-2008.
   22. Measurement of solvent diffusivity in heavy oil and evaluation of solvent-based recovery processes, PTRC
      innovation fund, 2004-2006.
   23. Measurement of diffusion process of propane (C3) into heavy oils, PTRC innovation fund, 2003-2004.
   24. Solvent distribution and dispersion in worm-holed reservoirs for solvent-based post-cold production, PTRC
      innovation fund, 2001-2004.
   25. Cold flow/post-cold flow core area development plan, Principal investigators: Yongan Gu, Gary Zhao,
      PTRC incubation fund, 2001-2002.
   26. Separation of produced petroleum liquids using a coalescer column, PTRC innovation fund, 2001-2003.
   27. Detection and reuse of chemicals in chemical EOR operations, PTRC innovation fund, 2001-2003.
   28. Effects of CO2 injection on the interfacial properties of oil-water-rock systems, PTRC innovation fund,
   29. ASP Flood for southwest Saskatchewan medium oil reservoirs, Principal investigators: Sam Huang (SRC),
      Ming Dong, Yongan Gu, PTRC innovation fund, 2001-2002.

Faculty Start-up Fund
   30. University New Faculty Member Start-up Fund, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of
       Regina, 1999-present.

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