Research Areas

Four primary research areas of Dr. Gu's research group are CO2 enhanced oil recovery (CO2 EOR), solvent vapour extraction (VAPEX), asphaltene precipitation and deposition, fluid phase behaviour and PVT studies. The following is a list of major research interests of our research group:

  1. Carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery (CO2 EOR)
  2. Experimental and numerical modeling and monitoring of CO2 EOR
  3. Carbon sequestration with enhanced gas recovery (CS-EGR)
  4. Innovative technology of using CO2 as a cushion gas for enhanced gas recovery (EGR)
  5. Carbon sequestration & storage (CSS) in depleted oil and gas reservoirs and saline aquifers
  6. Solvent-based EOR
  7. Solvent vapour extraction (VAPEX)
  8. In-situ enhanced heavy oil recovery (EHOR)
  9. Phase behaviour of reservoir fluid-solvent systems
  10. Miscible, near-miscible, and immiscible solvent flooding
  11. Asphaltene precipitation, flocculation, and deposition during solvent-based EOR
  12. Cold heavy oil production (CHOP) and post-CHOP production
  13. Chemical EOR-alkali, surfactant, and polymer flooding (ASP flooding)
  14. Interfacial and capillary transport phenomena in EOR and EGR
  15. Multi-phase multi-component fluid flow through porous media
  16. Effective separation of produced reservoir fluids

If you want to observe what happens when CO2 is injected and made in contact with the crude oil under the actual reservoir conditions, please PLAY VIDEO.



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