Sociology 250

Fall 2002

Third short paper  (12 points)

Due:  December 9, 2002


  1. A third paper will not be required.  If the grade you received for the first two papers is acceptable to you, you need not write a third paper.  I will take the grades for the first two papers and recalculate the total for these out of 36.  For example, if you received 8.6 out of 12 (72%) on the first paper and 9.1 out of 12 (76%) on the second, for a total of 17.7 out of 24, that is 74%, I will give you 0.74 x 36 = 26.6 out of 36 for the papers portion of the final grade.


  1. If you decide to write a third paper, this paper will in no case lower the grade you receive for the 36 points for papers, although it might raise your grade. 


Topics for third paper

  1. Rewrite either the first or second paper. 
  2. Any topic from the list for the second paper (other than a topic you selected for the second paper).
  3. The sociological approach of Parsons involved various systems – explain the meaning and importance of systems for sociological analysis and provide examples.
  4. Explain and critique Parsons’s analysis of family and gender roles within the family.
  5. Explain how the approaches of Marx and Weber are reflected in the class analysis of Erik Olin Wright.



Paul Gingrich

November 27, 2002

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