Sociology 250

Second Midterm Examination

November 18, 1999

Time: 75 minutes


Answer each of the four questions.  Within each question you have choices.  There are a total of 75 points on the examination.


1. Definition or Explanation.  (3 x 4 = 12 points).  Briefly define or explain three (3) of the following.

mechanical solidarity                 goal attainment              functional alternatives

restitutive law                            affective neutrality                     social fact

collective consciousness            altruistic suicide             significant symbols                   

2. Identification.  (13 points).  Choose one (1) of the following phrases, identify the sociologist who uses the phrase, and briefly discuss how it relates to the theoretical approach of the sociologist.

a. Cultural system

b. Latent and manifest function

c. Mind, self, and society

d. Anomic division of labour

e. Dyad and triad


3. Short Answer.  (15 points).  Select one (1) of the following and write a paragraph on the topic.

a. Diffuseness and particularism are expressive while specificity and universalism are instrumental.

b. Men are social and women are natural.

c. The division of labour is a male concept.

d. Suicide rates are social facts.


4. Essay. (35 points).  Select one (1) of the following and write an essay on this topic.

a. Social order in modern society exists because of difference.

b. The social world of classical sociologists does not include women.

c. Parsons’ theory of the family demonstrates his functional approach.

d. Both Parsons and writers adopting a symbolic interaction perspective have

    theories of action and interaction, yet develop these in different directions. 


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