Sociology 319

Discussion Questions on Simmel, "Metropolis and Mental Life"

January 27, 2000


1. Many of the ideas and concepts that are very similar to those of Marx, Weber, Durkheim, and Mead can be found in this essay. Provide examples of each and explain the similarity or difference between the views of Simmel and these other sociologists.

2. Simmel appears to use both consciousness and praxis as explanations of social action. Explain with examples.

3. Explain how Simmel defines and uses the concept of the mind and self, although he does not use the same terminology as Mead.

4. How does Simmel integrate agency and structure?

5. As a result of social development, from the traditional to the metropolitan form of society, personality and the social self change. Explain what the metropolitan form is and how it differs from the traditional form.


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