Sociology 304

Second Midterm Examination

March 19, 1998

Time: 75 minutes.

Note: Answer each of parts A, B, and C. Within each of these parts you have some choices. The total number of points for the examination is 75 points.

Part A. Select three of the following. For each term or concept selected, explain its meaning in two or three sentences, and state why it is important in Folbre’s analysis.

(3 x 7 = 21 points).

  1. Given groups.
  2. Sites.
  3. Mr. Prol.
  4. Structures of constraint.
  5. Strategies.
  6. Selfishness or self-centred choice.

Part B. Select two of the following pairs. For each pair selected, explain the difference between the terms or concepts and outline some implications of this difference.

(2x12=24 points).

  1. REM and IRSEP.
  2. Rational choice and purposeful choice.
  3. Individual agency and collective agency.
  4. Constraint and structure.

Part C. Select one of the following and write an essay on this topic. (30 points).

  1. According to Folbre, patriarchy can be viewed as generally having three aspects to it. State what these are and explain why these are important in her analysis. In your essay provide historical or contemporary examples.
  2. Explain what distinguishes production from social reproduction, and some problems this separation or division creates for a sociological analysis of issues in contemporary society.
  3. There are several criticisms of the Marxist approach that feminist writers might make. Write an essay outlining at least two of these criticisms. In each case, explain how the Marxist approach to analyzing contemporary social issues could be misleading or incomplete.

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