Sociology 211 Project – Fall 2004


The project is to be either (a) a report on media and ethnicity in the media or (b) a book review.  The report or review is due on December 6.  The project comprises twenty per cent of the grade for Sociology 211.


a. Report on media and ethnicity.  If you select this option, your task is to prepare a report concerning media treatment of an issue or issues related to ethnicity or multiculturalism.  Any one or more of print (newspapers or magazines), radio, television, film, or video could be form of media you examine.   Choose an issue, program, or set of advertisements early in the semester and follow this through the semester, keeping notes or records of what you see, read, and hear.  Near the end of the semester, write a summary report of seven to ten pages describing the issue and analyzing how the media have dealt with the issue.  If you have extra materials such as tables, detailed notes on programs, or clippings, these could be added as an appendix in addition to the seven to ten pages.


Use the concepts and discussion in the two texts as a guide to analyzing the issue.  The text Media and Minorities is likely to be especially helpful, since it provides a framework and analysis of how news reporting, television programming, advertising, and film represent diversity in Canada and handle issues of ethnicity and multiculturalism. 

Example issues that have emerged in the media in the last few years:

·        Immigrant success stories.

·        Problems attributed to immigrants in large cities – e.g. gangs, monster houses.

·        Poverty among immigrant or aboriginal families.

·        Aboriginal land claims in Canada.

·        Aboriginal people and criminal justice – police, correctional system.

·        Ethnic groups in Saskatchewan.


b. Book review.  If you select this option, read one of the following books and write a seven to ten page review.  The review is to include the following.

·        Summary of the contents of the book.

·        Apply concepts and approaches discussed in the texts and the class.

·        Provide a short evaluation and critique of the book.

On the other side of the page is a list of possible books – I will be placing several of these on three-day reserve in the University Library.



Abu-Laban, Yasmeen and Christina Gabriel, Selling diversity: immigration, multiculturalism, employment equity, and globalization.  FC104 A28 2002

Bannerji, Himani, The dark side of the nation: multiculturalism, nationalism and gender.  FC105 M8 B36 2000

Beiser, Morton, Strangers at the gate: the “Boat People’s” first ten years in Canada.  FC106 S66 B44 1999

R. Bibby, Mosaic madness: the poverty and potential of life in Canada.  FC104 B52 1990

Bissoondath, Neil, Selling illusions: the cult of multiculturalism.  A well-known critcal account of multiculturalism.   FC105 M8 B5 1994

Choy, Wayson, Paper shadows: a Chinatown childhood.  PS8555 H66 P35 1999

Foster, Cecil, A place called heaven: the meaning of being Black in Canada.            FC106 B6 F67 1996

Harris, Cecil, Breaking the ice: the Black experience in professional hockey.  GV848.5 A1 H37 2003

King, Thomas, The truth about stories. PS 8571 I5298 T77 2003

Kostash, Myrna, All of Baba’s children.  FC106 U4 K4

Kymlicka, Will, Finding our way: rethinking ethnocultural relations in Canada.    FC105 M8 K95 1998

Li, Peter S., The Chinese in Canada.  FC106 C5 L5

Okin, Susan Moller, Is multiculturalism bad for women?  HQ1161 O45 1999

Regalado, Samuel O., Viva Baseball?  Latin major leaguers and their special hunger.

Woodsworth, J. S., Stranger within our gate: or coming Canadians.  FC409 I4 W6 1972



Choy, Wayson, Jade peony.  PS8555 H66 J3 1995

Foster, Cecil, Slammin’ tar.  PS8561 O83 S52 1998. 

Kogawa, Joy, Obasan.  PS8521 O42 O4

Maharaj, Rabindranath, The Book of Ifs and Buts, nine short stories telling “the experience of immigrants in as they take up new lives in strange lands.”  PS8576 A42 B66 2002

Thien, Madeleine, Simple recipes. PS8589 H455 S55 2001

Vassanji, M. G., No new land.  PS8591 A78 N6 1991

Wiseman. Adele, The sacrifice.  PS8545 I8S2 1956



Paul Gingrich

September 10, 2004