Highlights from the 2013 Mosel Soccer Season Opener, Hahn hosting Strimmig

Strimmig (white uniforms) defeated Hahn (red uniforms) 1-0 .

Video 1:
A simple video of Super Stefan (facing the camera, light green armband) dominating the midfield.
Video 2:
Super Stefan (white #10) and Super Mario (red #10) during a Strimmig attack, which was singlehandedly foiled by Hahn #2.
Video 3:
Super Stefan and teammates trying an advance, again foiled by Hahn #2. Super Mario calmly watching and thinking #2 will deserve his Bitburger tonight.
Video 4:
Ooooo a penalty kick for Super Stefan of Strimmig. Will he score?
Video 5:
Super Stefan tries a corner kick, EASILY repelled by Super Mario.
Video 6:
Super Mario on offence, and this time Super Stefan clears the ball out of danger.
Video 7:
Super Mario tries to tie the game late on a free kick. Will he score?