Allan's Italy trip, November 25-30, 2006

Hi. I'm Allan East. I was working in Vienna Austria this fall, but normally I live in Regina, Saskatchewan.

This is a summary of my trip to a small section of Italy, to see the area where the British Columbia Dragoons fought their toughest battle of the Second World War. My Grandpa East was a member of these Dragoons, a tank regiment in the 5th Canadian Armoured Division of the 1st Canadian Army. Grandpa survived the war, but many BC Dragoons (and other Canadians from right across Canada) died in Italy and are buried there.

The following pages are my edited journal entries from the trip. The following places were visited:

Day 1: Bologna, Pesaro
Day 2: Montecchio, Tavullia
Day 3: Cervia
Day 4: Ravenna
Day 5: Bologna

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