CHEMISTRY 857AH:  Ionic Solutions

Professor:  Allan East, University of Regina, office phone 306-585-4003

This course features 11 weekly problem sets based on the required textbook: Modern Electrochemistry Volume I: Ionics, 2nd edition, by Bockris and Reddy. The problem sets will be pdf files e-mailed to the instructor for grading. There will be a weekly ZOOM meeting, featuring a short lecture and discussion of the reading material and assignments. This course will be pan-Canadian in Winter2024, including students at other Canadian universities.

In this course the student will learn more about ionic solutions: ion-solvent interactions (e.g. solvation energies and structure), ion-ion interactions (e.g. Debye-Huckel theory and activity coefficients), ion transport (e.g. diffusion and conductivity), and ionic liquids.

Chapter 1: Introduction (32 pages). Half of Assignment 1.

Chapter 2: Ion-Solvent Interactions (174 pages). Half of Assignment 1, and Assignments 2, 3, 4, 5.

Chapter 3: Ion-Ion Interactions (122 pages). Assignments 6 and 7.

Chapter 4: Ion Transport in Solution (225 pages). Assignments 8, 9, 10.

Chapter 5: Ionic Liquids (166 pages). Assignment 11.

Grading evaluation:  Ten equally weighted assignments: Asgts 1 and 11, and the best 8 of the other 9. This course is "reading course" style and much of the learning will be from reading the textbook.  However, weekly meetings with the professor are meant to aid in the understanding.