teaching philosophy

"Scherz, List und Rache."
Vorspiel in deutschen Reimen

1. Einladung

Wagt's mit meiner Kost, ihr Esser!
Morgen schmeckt sie euch schon besser
Und schon übermorgen gut!
Wollt ihr dann noch mehr, — so machen
Meine alten sieben Sachen
Mir zu sieben neuen Mut.

Friedrich Nietzsche
La Gaya Scienza, 1882

"Joke, Cunning and Revenge."
Prelude in German Rhymes

1. Invitation

Take a chance and try my fare!
It will grow on you, I swear;
Soon it will taste good to you!
If by then you should want more,
All the things I've done before
Will inspire things quite new.

Friedrich Nietzsche
The Gay Science, 1886

courses taught

  • Seminar on Research and Writing (Fall 2011)
  • Comparative Public Policy (Fall 2011)

previous courses taught

Graduate Level:

  • Canadian Foreign Policy (University of Regina, Spring 2010).
  • Foreign Aid Policy (University of Regina, Fall 2010).
  • Directed Readings in Canadian Foreign Policy (University of Regina, Spring 2010).
  • American Foreign Policy in a New Era (University of Regina, Spring 2010).
  • Research and Writing (University of Regina, Fall 2009).
  • Global Governance and Regulation (University of Regina, Fall 2009).
  • Research and Writing (with Ken Rasmussen - University of Regina, Winter 2009).
  • Public Policy Analysis (with Kathleen McNutt - University of Regina, Winter 2009).
  • Comparative Public Policy (University of Regina, Fall 2008).

Undergraduate Level:

  • Regulation and Social Control (University of Victoria, Spring 2008).
  • Special Topics in Latin American Studies (Guest lecturer on Mercosur) (University of Victoria, Spring 2006, Spring 2008).
  • Social Movements (University of Victoria, Spring 2006, Spring 2007).
  • Sociology of Law (University of Victoria, Winter 2006).
  • ENACT (France). Análisis de la cooperación transfronteriza en Europa y América del Sur. Graduate (Spring 2003).
  • CNAM (France). Territoires, projets et services en Europe. Undergraduate (2002-03).

student supervision

  • Gorchynski, Amanda. Accountability at What Cost? Rainbow Herbicides at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown [MPA research project successfully completed on December 9, 2010].

  • Simon, Jennifer. Health Privacy in Canada: E-Government’s Effect on Confidential Health Information [MPA rsearch project successfully completed on August 25, 2010].


office hours

Students are welcome during office hours.

My office is located at 2 Research Drive (Suite 110), on the main campus of the University of Regina. If you are unsure where to go, please have a look at the map below (Figure 1).


Figure 1. Location of the Regina Campus Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School

Source: University of Regina