Taehan Bae

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Regina

Regina, SK S4S 0A2

Ph.D. in Statistics (2008, Western University)
MSc in Actuarial Science (2003, University of Iowa)
BSc in Mathematics (1999, Seoul National University)
Associate member of Society of Actuaries and Canadian Institute of Actuaries

Office: College West Building, room 307.4
Telephone: (306) 585-4353; Fax: (306) 585-4020
e-mail: taehan.bae@uregina.ca 


Current semester

ACSC 417 Introduction to Casualty Insurance and Credibility

Other courses taught

STAT 160 Introductory Statistics

STAT 215 Introduction to Probability

ACSC 216 Mathematics of Finance II

STAT 300 Statistical Learning and Predictive Modeling

ACSC 318 Actuarial Models II

ACSC 417 Introduction to Casualty Insurance and Credibility

ACSC 418 Econometric Models & Forecasts

ACSC 419 Estimation & Selection of Actuarial Models

ACSC/STAT 456 Applied Stochastic Processes

STAT 855 Generalized Linear Models

STAT 858 Statistical modelling of dependence and extremes

STAT 890AR Stochastic Differential Equations for Finance

STAT 890AF Readings in Stochastic Processes


Research Interests: Actuarial Science, Mathematical Finance, Risk Management

Curriculum Vitae