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PhD, MSc, CEng, Eur Ing, MIEEE

Assistant Professor

Graduate Coordinator

IEEE Student Counselor

2015 University of Regina

Dr. Lei Zhang

I started my academic career as an Assistant Professor at the University of Regina in November 2013. I am passionate about teaching and research. I enjoy life-long learning and personal development. I am enthusiastic to help my students to develop a successful career, achieve personal excellence and enjoy a fulfilling life. I am recruiting graduate students who like to challenge and extend their potentials.

Research Interests:

FPGA Embedded System Design; Ultrasound Testing; Brain Research (Brain Computer Interface, Brain stimulation, Brain simulation); Boundary-Scan Testing


ENEL 384 Digital Electronics

ENEL 387 Microcontroller System Design

ENEL 489/789 FPGA Design Using VHDL

ENEL 890AH System Design and Testing Using Boundary-Scan



Electronic System Engineering Program

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

University of Regina


To Contact

Office ED470,

Education Building

3737 Wascana Parkway

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada



Phone: 306-585-2588