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Sept. 2 3013: SCL Press release: A temporary reprieve for Canada's Experimental Lakes Area

Letters sent by SCL to the Federal government on freshwater research

Letter sent by SCL to Minister of State, Gary Goodyear, correcting statements regarding whole-lake research (6 May 2013)
(**lettre en franšais**)
(Reply from Min. Goodyear, 11 July 2013)

Letter to Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Keith Ashfield regarding the governments plans for the Experimental Lakes Area (8 Jan. 2013)
***Press Release***
(Reply from Min. Ashfield, 27 February 2013)

Letter to Minister Keith Ashfield regarding closure of the Experimental Lakes Area (June 5 2012)
(Reply from Min. Ashfield, 25 June 2012)

Letter to PM Stephen Harper regarding changes to the fisheries act (Mar. 26 2012)
(Reply from Min. Ashfield, 12 June 2012)

Letter to Minister Keith Ashfield re: cuts to freshwater science (March 7 2012)
(Reply from Min. Ashfield, 30 April 2012)

Letter to Minister Peter Kent regarding Environment Canada cuts (March 5 2012)
(Reply from Min. Kent, 31 May 2012)


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