Wheat Soup

16mm film, 75 minutes, black and white, 1987 (additional images 1, 2, 3, 4)

Co-Producer/Writer/Director/Editor (with Brian Stockton)
This film began out of a conversation bemoaning the lack of interesting locations to shoot in around Regina. We suddenly realized that the prairie with its lack of detail was unique and very interesting. Combined with that, we had used our long time friend Shaf in one shot of a super-8 film a couple of years before and when we watched the film we realized that he had great screen presence. The idea of a Mad Max-like wheat farmer story came quickly. Set on the prairies of the future, it follows Sam, the last remaining wheat farmer, fighting off wheat poachers, and questing to find the purpose of life.  We decided to ignore everyone's advice and make a feature film rather than starting with a short film. We began shooting in the summer of 1985 and finished in the fall of 1986. It is Regina's first locally produced feature length dramatic film. MORE PHOTOS

Trivia: this the first of our films to be released being labelled as a "Depressionist" film.

Original storyboards. Original screenplay (incomplete pages). Production notes. Some jokes.

Refered to by filmmaker/writer/teacher Greg Klymkiw as a "genuine Gen-X feature".

In 2017, The Bushwakker Brewing Company created a Wheat Soup beer to commemorate the Saskatchewan Filmpool 40th anniversary. IMAGES.