For decades this garage has stood, seemingly a normal car-storage unit along an Argyle Street alleyway in Regina. Unknown to most, an array of art activities have emerged from it. Under the guidance of head curator Gerald Saul and adjunct curator Margaret Bessai, these are some of the activities:

September 8, 2007: "The Garage Show", Adam Lark installation/exhibition

June 24, 2013, "Stereobscura", Geremy Lague installation and performance

September 2013, "The Magic Barber" video production

May 2014, University of Regina graduate students Garcia, Shen, Al Harthi, and Noman.

May 2015, The Terrible Film Festial with work by Dianne Ouellette, Gerald Saul, An An, Rania Al Harthi, and Ken Wilson.

May 2016, Delusia: Tales from the Nocturnalist with Gerald Saul and Thaumatrope Workshop with Christine Moleski

July 2016, super-8 workshop on home made and hand processed filmmaking.

May 2017, Ghost photography, demonstration, workshop, and exhibition.

May 2018, Double-Bubble-Trouble, drawings and video by William Bessai-Saul

YAAG MOS Sound Stage, Testament of Frankenstitch

YAAG Records - Canister! Assault and Batteries album recording

YAAG Animation - Canister and Friends

YAAG Publications - The Dangerous Nap