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Number of research positions are available for post graduates to obtain the Msc. or the PhD. Degrees in ‘Software Systems Engineering’. My research activities are in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Wireless Mobile Communications, and Mobile Applications & Services. My research spans various Multi-disciplinary and Inter-disciplinary domains and therefore, selected researchers may get exposed to a particular wireless application like RFID or pretty high-level view like web-services. The main theme that bonds my research interests is relevance to mobile computing and in particular vehicular mobility.


Vehicular communication is projected to be the next major evolution in human communications and mobile computing since the Internet. By the year 2012, vehicular communication is expected to represent about one third of all mobile communications. By the year 2020, vehicular communication will be the dominant form of mobile computing. This immanent potential fuels the need to resolve various issues at the communication level, the middleware level, as well as at the application level.


Candidates should have a first degree in computer science, information systems, software engineering, or related disciplines. Candidates are expected to have two or more of the following experience and skills:

·   Experience in programming in Java, C#, C++ or similar language is a must.

·   Knowledge of web services, PHP, XML, web sphere … etc

·   Knowledge of real-time and embedded programming in addition to RTOS like Linux

·   Knowledge of software engineering principals like UML 2.0

·   Basic knowledge of simulation tools or MATLAB


Interested applicants are encouraged to submit:

1.      Curriculum Vitae

2.      Latest copy of transcript

3.      Statement of research interest (one or two paragraphs)

4.      Name and contact information of three references

5.      For international students, please include your latest TOEFL score where applicable


Submit all requested material to:

Dr. Yasser Morgan

Software Systems Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

University of Regina

3737 Wascana Parkway, Room ED-436.1,

Regina, SK, S4S 0A2, CANADA

Tel:  +1.306.337.3207 

Fax: +1.306.585.4855



Appointments are subject to budgetary constraints.