Karen Meagher

I am an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics andStatistics at the University of Regina.

Research Interests:

CV: Last updated January 2016

Math Stuff:


Emergina Mathematics Teachers Workshop May 16 -20 at the University of Manitoba.

CanaDAM at the University of Saskatoon.

Godsil 65 at the University of Waterloo

Graphs, Designs and Algebraic Combinatorics at the University of Regina

Prairie Discrete Mathematics Workshop 2011 at the Univerity of Regina

Cliques and Cocliques at the University of Waterloo

Association Schemes and Scheme Rings at the Univerity of Regina

Non-math Stuff:

Karen Meagher
karen.meagher (at) uregina (dot) ca
College West 307.5
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 0A2