Social Studies 306

Applied Methods: Quantitative Approaches

Fall 1998

Instructor: Paul Gingrich, CL 217, 585-4196,

Office Hours: Tuesday, 1:00 - 2:30; Thursday, 10:30 - 12:00; or by appointment.

Class Hours: Thursday, 2:30 - 3:45, CL 435.

Lab Hours: Monday or Tuesday, 2:30 - 5:20, CL 109.

Additional lab hours as required to do survey and computer work.

Other Hours: From time to time, students will be expected to be available to administer survey questionnaires or conduct interviews. These times will be arranged by the students and the instructor later in the semester.

Web Site:

Texts and Reference Materials

  1. George Gray and Neil Guppy, Successful Surveys: Research Methods and Practice. (GG)
  2. Paul Gingrich, Social Studies 306 Manual: Fall 1998. (Manual)
  3. Articles and reference materials will be photocopied and handed out or placed on reserve in the Library.
  4. Various materials will be available in computer files on the server in CL109 or on the web site.


Weekly or bi-weekly assignments 60%

Final paper 20%

Participation 20%

Total 100%

The grade for participation will be based on classroom and lab participation, on helping to administer and code questionnaires, and on interviewing. This part of the grading distribution will not ordinarily be used to lower the grade - average participation in these activities will lead to a grade no different than what is obtained from the other 80% of the grading distribution.

Course Outline
Week of:Topics:
September 7 Introduction to surveys. Beginning a research project. Issues for student survey. GG, Ch. 1-2; Manual, Section 2, Parts I-II.
September 14Introduction to the computer and SPSS. Topic areas for 1998 survey. GG, Ch. 4-5; Manual, Sections 7 and 2, Parts III and IV.
September 21Analysis of 1997 student survey. Developing questions. GG, Ch. 8. Manual, Section 2, Parts IV and V.
September 28Developing formats. Ethical issues. GG, Ch. 3, 9-10. Manual, Section IV.
October 5Pretest of student survey. Development of other projects. GG, Ch. 7.
October 12Revision of survey questionnaire. Develop interview schedules.
October 19Sampling. Selection of sample. GG, Ch. 12-13. Manual, Section 2, Part VII and Section 3.
October 26Sampling. Administer student survey. GG, Ch. 11.
November 2 & 9Administer student survey. Code and enter data. Analysis of survey data. Interviews. GG, Ch. 6, 14. Manual, Section 2, Part VIII, Section 5.
November 16 & 23Analysis of survey data. Interviews. GG, Ch. 15.
November 30Report on student survey. Complete projects. Manual, Section 1.

Final paper due on December 16.


  1. This course outline is fairly rough, and the dates for covering topics may have to be changed depending on the progress of each project. One part of the schedule that we have to make sure we follow is that of the student survey. If this survey is to be completed in time to analyze in November, we will have to stick fairly close to the schedule shown above.
  2. Students with special needs should identify themselves to the instructor as soon as possible.