Sociology 304

Issues in Modern Sociological Theory

Winter 1999

Second Paper Due March 23, 1999

The paper is to be between five and ten double-spaced pages in length. If you consult sources other than Folbre, make sure that they are properly referenced. If all the references are to Folbre, just make sure that you mention the page numbers for specific references or quotes.


The topic is to write a paper on some part of the historical experiences discussed in the last half of Folbre, Who Pays for the Kids? or on a current or historical issue related to social reproduction in Canada. The paper should use some ideas from and show how the composite theoretical framework developed by Folbre (see p. 49 for a summary of this approach) help explain and interpret the current or historical experiences. Also critique the approach of Folbre where you find that it may be incomplete or inadequate.

As examples, the paper could:

Note: If you wish to pick a topic different from the above, check the topic with me first.


Paul Gingrich

February 16, 1999