Sociology 304

Issues in Modern Sociological Theory

Winter 1999

First Paper – Due February 9, 1999

In Multicultural Citizenship, Kymlicka develops a variety of concepts and principles that can be used to analyze the situation of ethnic groups or national minorities and their relationships with the larger society. Among these concepts and principles are diversity, group rights, culture, identity, nation or people, internal restrictions and external protections, freedom within and equality between groups, shared civic identity, integration, deep diversity, and multiculturalism. Select one of the following topics and write a paper of between five and ten double-spaced typewritten pages on the topic. In the paper, use some of the concepts and principles developed by Kymlicka to analyze the group or situation that you examine in the paper. In your paper, also critique the approach of Kymlicka, or show its limits, by explaining how his approach may not capture all aspects of the situation of the group you select. In you paper, use at least one reference other than Kymlicka.


1. Select one of the following groups and write an essay discussing and analyzing the group and its relationships with society as a whole using the concepts and approach developed by Kymlicka.

2. Select a current issue relating to ethnic groups or national minorities from newspapers, magazines, or other media and use Kymlicka’s approach to analyze this issue.

3. Attached are two photocopies. Select one of these and use the approach of Kymlicka to write a paper analyzing the arguments presented in the photocopy.

Distributed in January 12, 1999 class.

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