The following preamble and question was the initial part of a section of the Social Studies 306 Fall 1997 survey of University of Regina Undergraduates - Who are We? Survey of Student Life.


Views on Ethnicity and Multiculturalism. We are conducting some research on multiculturalism. We would appreciate finding out your views on the following.

38. To begin, what does multiculturalism mean to you?



Not all of the responses to this question have yet been transcribed. The following responses are the responses of the first 557 respondents to this question. Blank responses may indicate that there was no respondent with this identification number or that there was a respondent but he or she did not answer this question.

The same question was asked again in the Fall 1998 Survey of Student Attitudes and Experiences but the responses have not yet been transcribed.



1. Many different people of different races living together in peace.

2. A country that is full of people with different cultural backgrounds.

3. It means nobody thinks that they are Canadian.

4. Living in a society where different views, religions, races, etc. are accepted.

5. Many cultures treated equally and respected for their vast differences.

6. Many cultures sharing traditions.

7. unity

8. Many different people from different origins living together.

9. Many cultures in a place.

10. The appreciation of individuals being able to express and share their culture.

11. A culture with many different ethnic backgrounds.

12. Many cultures combined together in one population.


14. It means numerous cultures being able to live together in a somewhat peaceful and accepting nature.

15. Many cultures living unified in society and sharing traditions.

16. a society where all cultures are equally welcomed and shared

17. Many cultures living in an area, interacting with each other.

18. It means we have an open minded society where your views or religion don't

19. different cultures in an area

20. All cultures are respected all cultures have equal status.

21. cultural and racial diversity

22. a conglomeration of many cultures forming 1 culture


24. All different cultures and backgrounds co-existing

25. Many cultures living and circulating within a society.



28. Lots of cultures together

29. It means that each group can keep their identity while still participating in the rest of society.

30. It means accepting your cultural history and being involved in culturalism.

31. A variety of people, coming from different countries and backgrounds and living together (co-existing) and having their children grow up together.

32.It means that there are a vast number of different cultures in this country I interacting and co-existing.


34. many cultures together

36. a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds interacting with one another

37. a variety of different cultures living in one place

38. more than one culture

39. Many different cultures living within a country.

40. Freedom to practice your cultural beliefs.

41. Being apart of different cultures and being able to accept other cultures.

42. that in one culture many different cultures are able to live and co-exist

43. Many cultures in a given area which are expressed openly with respect to one another but there exists a unity among them in that area. (diversity with unity).

44. Everybody living as one big society.

45. Accepting cultures and values other than your own.


47. Many cultures living and working together

48. Many cultures living together

49. many different cultures living in one place - creates culture diversity

50. many cultures together

51. Many cultures living in a country, all co-existing together

52. It means living together in a community (country) as many different ethnic and cultural groups and races
53.many cultures
54.variety of culture living in a society
55.It means that everybody from different backgrounds/countries can share their cultures with one another.
57.A blend of many cultures to create one interesting culture.
58.Many different cultures living and interacting together in peace.
59.a place where many cultures co-exist
60.A lot of cultures living together in one society
61.A lot of cultures.
62.lots of cultures
63.People of different cultures/backgrounds living together.
64.learning about many cultures living among many cultures.
65.diverse nation, all kinds of people.
66.cultural, diverse
67.An area (society) with multiple variations of ethnic backgrounds.
68.A Bunch of difference cultures living together.
69.multiculturalism is many cultures living as one. It means unity & allows us to gain a stronger understanding of others.
70.Everyone living together and accepting others values and cultures.
71.A variety of cultures living together in harmony.
72.Many cultures living together with acceptance of one another as unique.
73.A diverse group of cultural pluralism.
74.Many different cultures existing among you.
75.Canada - different backgrounds of people living in one society or country.
76.A community or region of country that involves a lot of different cultures.
77.A variety of cultures living together/variety of religions/beliefs among people.
78.difference races getting along.
79.Different races getting along in one place.
80.difference races getting along in one place.
82.Many cultures.
83.understanding traditions and cultures of other societies.
84.Different cultures and religions.
85.Numerous cultures living together in a society. They are allowed to retain their cultural identidy.
86.lots of different cultures.
87.many cultures within a country or other population of people.
88.Different cultures co-existing in a country.
89.Accepting everyone-unconcerned with someone's culture - all equal. Love the difference that makes everyone better.
90.being aware of and appreciating the values of others and their views of life.
91.Individuals of different races, backgrounds, and religions united.
92.Groups of culture getting together.
93.many cultures living in harmony amongst each other.
94.Many cultures sharing the same geographical area.
95.a variety of cultures living together/variety of religious beliefs among people.
96.a mixture of several different cultures living in the same country or area.
97.Many different cultures living together in the same area.
98.Many different cultures living together but all equally important or equal
100.People of difference cultures sharing and enjoying each other's cultures.
101.All cultures, present and accepted.
102.A culture that is a combination of many existing together.
103.Many different groups of different cultures of people living together as one.
105.society working together with many cultures among.
106.The ability for anyone, regardless of race or culture to practise their form of culture.
107.Canada, many different cultures living together.
110.many cultures co existing,.
111.It means to me that we live in a society where all cultures are mixed together and though of in different ways.
112.This means that there are many different cultures, languages, beliefs, etc. in Canada.
113.a lot of cultures.
114.means that in our society there are many cultures and we have to look at each with an open mind.
115.a diversity of cultures living toegher.
116.having multiple cultures - in history (ancestral)
117.Canada - A country interraction together.
118.Many different cultures living together.
119A bunch of different cultures.
120.A good thing.
121.Many cultures, allowed to retain their cultural identity, belonging to one country.
122.many cultures within a population.
123.Different cultures living all in the same community.
124.What a country is made up of ; a mosaic of beliefs, values, religions, and cultures that create the beauty of a country.
125.A variety of different cultures living together in harmony.
126.The blending of different cultures.
127.experiencing all different ethnic backgrounds in harmony.
128.Allowing citizens to maintain their maternal cultures.
129.All cultures.
131.people of many different backgrounds, cultures & religions living & working together.
132.important to maintain pessencial to our society.
134.All cultures living together.
136.Many cultures living and working together.
137.living together with people from many different cultures.
139.A combination of many people of different cultures.
140.Knowing many different cultures other than your own
141.Being able to bond and learn of my culture and others.
142.Everyone is allowed to believe in their culture and share acceptable cultures of others if they want.
143.More than one culture living more or less harmoniously in the same place.
144. A diverse nation made up of many different races and backgrounds.
145.many different cultures.
146.many different cultures in one area.
147.A lot of cultures coming together.
148.more than one culture
149.It means many cultures living as one, share all culture ways.
150.Many cultures existing together (ex: Canada is a multicultural country).
151.a variety of cultures living harmoniously together
152.This means many cultures and ethnic groups living together in a country or region.
153.For as many cultures, there is a hook attached to society and all pulling their own

separate way, language TENSION.

154.knowledge of many cultures and the background of these cultures
155.People of different ethical, religious, and color backgrounds living in one society.
156.People from all different cultures
157.The idea of different ways of life coming together to make one culture combined with various aspects of each.
158.An understanding and acceptance of several different cultural views.
159.Integration of all races without hostility or cultural expectations
160.many ways of life in a single region.
161.many groups of people.
162.more than one culture
163.the tolerating and accepting other cultures.
164.diversity of a nation
165.everybody's individuality is accepted!
167.means a community with a number of cultures
168.many different cultures
169.many cultures functioning together - maintaining separate while participating int he "Canadian" culture as well
170.living somewhere among a various number of cultures
171.A variety of cultures living together in one community
172.different people (cultures) living together
173.It is when many cultures mix together and take the "best stuff" from each.
175.many different cultures
176.all the different cultures that exist.
177.multi-cultured (many cultures)
178.to experience or have a good knowledge of more than one cultures
179.A society where people of different cultures can live in harmony and become more knowledgeable and worldly because of it.
180.multiculturalism means a society which has many different cultures.
181.It means the recognition of people's ancestry and the respect of the associating values.
182.A wide, variety or assortment of people from different cultures interacting harmoniously together.
183.multiple cultures
184.A mixture of people with different backgrounds.
185.living within a culture/community with a variety of cultures - chineese, black, whites, natives
186.People of different cultures living and getting along in a community.
187.many cultures in a society
188.A society as a whole but having many separate cultures and traditions.
189.many cultures
190.more than one culture put together
192.different cultures living in a harmonious way
193.knowing different cultures
194.Many cultures living and working together and learning from each other.
196.many cultures living together with no thought of discrimination
197.consisting of different cultures
198.To have a background in various ethnic origins. (ex: Mother Polish, Father Ukranian)
199.more than one culture combined to live amongst each other
200.many cultures living together in peace
201.absolutely nothing as we are all Canadians
202.Different races and cultures coming together to share their culture.
203.many cultures together in unity
204.many cultures together in unity
205.many cultures in our society, they all are accepted and practiced
206.Being proud of your ancestors and respecting the rights of others to be proud of theirs.
208.different races
209.someone who has accepted all cultures and isn't biast to any of them.
210.many cultures living together
211.interactions between different cultures
212.living in a community of/being aware of many different ways of life
213.more than 1 culture accepted and celebrated in a society
214.I have the opportunity to live in a diverse country with a chance of meeting a variety of people.
215.Every type of persons - black, white, oriental, etc. combined into our culture
216.Many cultures of different people living together
217.many cultures living peacefully among each other
218.an understanding and acceptance of several cultural views
221.many cultures living together peacefully.
222.mixing with other cultures
224.It is many different cultures living together in one country.
225.It means allowing for various types of beliefs and cultural practices in any given society.
226.People of various heritages and cultures living together with respect and acceptance.
227.Diversity of ethnic backgrounds
228.A place where several cultures/religions/races live/work together.
229.Awareness of the many different cultures that exist in Canada.
230.Where everyone is allowed to have their own beliefs. People not hating someone because of their race, color or beliefs.
231.seeking commonalities amongst varying background experiences
232.Multiculturalism - is diversity of culture - entire lifeways of a people co-existing
233.a mix of cultures and ethnic origins
270.Canadians come from everywhere in the world - many different cultures.
271.It means bringing together and getting to understand many different cultures.
274.a variety of cultures and beliefs
275.many different cultures
277.a variety of cultures residing in the same local
279.The country can allow lots of nations live in there.
280.Multiculturalism means "Canada'.
281.A country has more than one culture.
284.a waste of money
285.that Canada doesn't have an identity of itself
286.many cultures
287.Nothing much. A lot of different country people living in one place (country)
288.different cultures residing in same place, maintaining their own values and beliefs without pressure to conform
289.Multiple cultures within a sustainable social system
290.-more than one type of culture meeting together for mutual understanding and education
291.Different societies amalgamating into a single Canadian society.
292.many cultures
293.diverse cultures living together
296.different cultures within the same area
298.mix of different cultures in any one environment
299.Many cultures co-existing and not encroaching on each other
303.melting pot of cultures
308.(we are very fortunate to have) a country where different cultures can live together and where you are allowed to continue practicing your traditions and beliefs.
309.- experiencing foods, customs of other cultures; Canadians still experieencing their ethnic back grounds.
310.Being interested in other peoples ethnic background and becoming aware of the differences.
311.melting pot, numerous cultures in one geographic location
312.not much
313.to have good friendships with other people from different cultural backgrounds
314.- learning of new culgtures
317.not much
318.Important to keep diversity in values and beliefs
319.variety of cultures
321.a group of people from different backgrounds - all living and working in the same area/country/city
322.many cultures living together in a country like Canada
323.many different cultural backgrounds or origins in one country
324.ifferent cultures in one community joined
325.Being cultured and having knowledge of several backgrounds and cultured.
327.people of many cultures associating together while maintaining individual cultures
329.a variety of cultures
330.living in a society of diverse ethnic culture
331.different cultures existing in society
332.People with different birthplaces (countries)
333.All people living in harmony
335.people of different backgrounds/cultures, etc. all living together
337.various ethnical and religious backgrounds mixed together
338.Having a diverse population of people. Lots of different cultures and languages
339.Many cultures living amongst each other.
340.To live in a society with many different cultures
341.Canada - the combination of cultures living together
342.variety of cultures
343.It means many cultures who are living together, each retaining most important cultural identity but affiliating also with a new identity ie Canadian.
344.many cultures integrated together
345.Multiculturalism means being a part of a society that contains and accepts people of diverse ethnic backgrounds
346.Many different races in a community
347.It means to have no prejudices against any cultures.
348.many cultures mixing
349.Variety in culture (lifestyle)
350.being of more than one ethnic background (culture)
351.being multi-cultured, knowing about and having other cultures
352.people of different cultural backgrounds living among each other
353.A society constructed with the heritage and cultures of many ethnic groups
354.Just a bunch of separate distinct cultures in one country
355.Many races/cultures living together working together, learning together toward understanding one another
356.you learn about new cultures
357.It's good because there is diversity (not every thing is the same)
358.learning about many different cultures
359.all backgrounds living distinctively amongst each other
361.Tautology/Social Construction
362.people and groups of different culture
363.Appreciating the diversity of everyone.
364.many races, races, ethnic and social believes/many identities
365.cultural and racial diversity
366.a number of cultures co-existing tolerantly
367.A variety of different people, ideas, values, traditions and beliefs combined harmoniously in one society
368.many different cultures coming together
369.groups of people from all ethnic backgrounds living in same area, getting along with each other, etc.
370.Accepting the fact that everyone has different culture and allowing people to express their culture in a variety of different ways.
371.Knowledge of a variety of different culturals
372.It means various cultures all contained within one social structure, each being allowed to maintain their cultural/ethnic beliefs, customs, etc.
373.Society consisting of many cultures which are considered equal
374.all of the culture coming together and working together
375.Good food, good drinks, great friendship, excellent cultural exchange
376.Nothing, a waste of money and time for everyone. Just asking this question proves it.
377.A mixing pot in society of all races - equal and similar treatment
381.Association with many cultures
382.mixed group of people
383.view of different culture present in one society a number of different types of people
384.Many different cultures living in Canada.
385.An area in which many cultures come together and share resources, laws, etc.
386.Many cultures acting in a given environment.
387.Numerous cultures living together in society according to their own customs and beliefs.
401.A community of many cultures and many different people and races
402.different types of cultures
403.People of different cultural backgrounds living in harmony together
404.A variety of cultures living in harmony
405.Many different cultures living together, functioning together in society.
406.mix of cultures within a society
407.A variety of cultures living harmoniously
408.variety of cultures
410many different cultures living together in 1 country
411.every nationality, intermixing
431.peace, go back to origine
432.many cultures are mixed together in a country
433.People of different cultures interacting
434.Multiculturalism means the interaction of diverse cultures in a particular environment.
435.The opportunity to live in a country where it is easy to make friends of various backgrounds and origins.
436.multi-cultures in a country
437.- a mosaic of different cultural backgrounds
438.experiencing many different cultures ie Mosaic
439.a rainbow
440.Many groups of people with different beliefs and values living together in a community.
441.Means many different types of groups or race living together.
443.different ethnic groups do something together
444.more than 1 culture
445.- many cultures displaying and maintaining traditions, norms, and beliefs
446.not much
448.to show different cultures in Canada
449.-the integrating of different cultures in an everyday environment
451.many cultural groups living together for the betterment of society
452.all cultures living together and experiencing different cultures within Canada
453.- lots of culture within a society
456.many people of different ethnic backgrounds living within the same region or boundaries eg: Canada
457.It's ok. However I have a big problem with the Federal Government subsidizing multiculturalism to the tune of 250 - 300 million/year.. eg: East Indian (use an example only) can well afford to finance their own churches/or organization w/o help from taxpayers.
458.Different society and culture interacting in life together - recognize distinctiveness but interact
460.A mix of people from all different backgrounds and religions
463.many cultures together in one area
464.- trying to accommodate the many cultures in Cda - allow cultures to keep their own identity and activities/values
486.many different cultures living together and being able to get along
487.it is a society that recognizes and accepts several different cultures
489.a group of people that come from different ethnic backgrounds living together in a society
490.Varieties of different cultures that inhabit the same areas
491.A country of Free enterprising tolerance
492.different culture and ethnic group in a society/state
493.many diverse cultures living together
494.a population made up of different ethnic backgrounds
495.it means: a culture that has very weak boundaries/a culture that has many customs

traditions & beliefs/a culture that is tolerant of differences

496.The essence of Canada - its a blending of the many cultures that reside here
497.Different cultures living in an area but still carrying on their customs and traditions and not being punished for it.
498.many cultures together in an area
499.Too many separate belief systems no central unifiing theme
500.A nation which shares a common citizenship but promotes and celebrates diversity
501.many cultures living together
502.# amount of cultures in one country
503.living in a country with many cultures
504.the acceptance of diff. Cultures & ethnicities
505.A culture focusing on working towards a of people rather than a melting pot. Not looking to assimilate cultures, rather to let them on their own/.
506.- everyone fits together
507.diverse cultures
525.People with different ethnic or cultural backgrounds; people with a variety of beliefs
526.Ever culture come together to share their unique culture, life, food…
527.- a chance to appreciate other cultures
529.Having different cultures and ethnic groups living in the same area in peace
530.people who have different cultural.
531.different cultures allowed to be proud of and display their heritage
534.many cultures interacting and working together without discrimination
536.It mean people from different cultural backgrounds living together but still keeping their individuality with regards to their culture.
537.Canada - groups of different cultures living together in one country and free to do so.
538.Multiculturalism is a society where people live in a commonality, but still celebrate their ancestry and traditions of that ancestry.
539.The culmination of religious and ethnic background in Canada.
540.Many cultures existing together
541.Lots of cultures
542.Many cultures co-existing none influencing the other
543.it causes problems when its legislated. Its great but people should keep it at home.
544.not much
545.Participating in other culture's activities.
546.People of many ethnic backgrounds living in a common country (Canada)
547.diverse society
548.A society that contain numbers of different cultural
549.- a fragmented culture such as Canada where ethnic groups essentially keep to themselves
550.People from other nations live together
551.means having a culture and interacting with different races and origins
553.Problems because of over protected egos.
554.many culture, different believe in people.
556.A mixture of many different cultures. Canada is a multiculturalism nation

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