Faculty of Arts Academic Announcements

Winter 2003


Special Needs

Any student with a disability who may need accommodations should discuss these with the course instructor, and contact the Coordinator of the Disability Resource Office at 585-4631. The rights and responsibilities of special needs students in Faculty of Arts courses are outlined in the Faculty of Arts Special Needs Procedure, which is available from the Faculty of Arts Records Office in Cl. 411.


Student Responsibilities and Course Prerequisites

Students are responsible for understanding and following the academic regulations outlined in the University Calendar. The most important of these regulations and responsibilities are summarized on page 28 of the 2002-03 Calendar under Responsibilities of Students.

The first important responsibility is to ensure that you have the necessary prerequisite for this class. If you take a class without the prerequisite (or without the permission of the department head), you will not receive credit for it at graduation time, and you may have difficulty in completing your degree program.


Procedures and Dates for Dropping Courses

All changes to course registration must be made in writing to your Faculty or College. Students who are not attending but have not formally withdrawn are still considered to be registered, are liable for fees, and are assigned a failing grade of NP for failing to complete the course. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal.


Last day to drop a course and receive 100% refund

Jan. 10, 2003

Last day to drop a course without a transcript record

Jan. 17, 2003

Last day to withdraw from a course and receive 85% refund

Jan. 17, 2003

Last day to withdraw from a course and receive 65% refund

Jan. 24, 2003

Last day to withdraw from a course and receive 50% refund

Jan. 31, 2003

Last day to withdraw from a course without a failing grade

March 17, 2003


Academic Misconduct - Plagiarism and Cheating

All students should be aware of the definitions of plagiarism and cheating, as defined on page 29 of the 2002-03 Calendar, as well as the potential punishments (which range from a grade of 0 on the test or essay in question up to expulsion from the University).


Procedures for Requesting Deferrals of Final Exams or Term Work

The correct procedures for requesting deferral of final examinations or term work are outlined on page 30 of the 2002-03 Calendar. If you are unable to finish your final exam or term work for reasons beyond your control (e.g., illness, accident, death in a family), please contact the Records Office of your Faculty or College as soon as possible for advice.


University Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy

All members of the University community are entitled to a professional working and learning environment free of harassment and discrimination. See page 45 of the 2002-03 Calendar for more details.



Good luck in the coming semester!