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Survey of Student Attitudes and Experiences

Fall 1998


Thank you for taking part in this Survey of Student Attitudes and Experiences. This semester the Survey is being conducted as a class project in Social Studies 306, Applied Methods: Quantitative Approaches. We are using this Survey to study student activity, experiences, and points of view. Your participation is optional and does not influence your class standing in any way. We hope you will complete the questionnaire, but if there are any questions you prefer not to answer, leave those blank.

The individual questionnaires and the results from this Survey are anonymous and confidential. Do not place your name, student number or other form of individual identification on the questionnaire.

Later this semester we will prepare a summary handout of the main results of the Survey and bring it to your class.

The students in Social Studies 306 thank you for your help.

Class members

Christina Burns
Jaime Carlson
Mark Crawford
Colin Ceulemans
Cora Cyr
Chris Haacke
Ron Hartt
Kelly Knoblauch
Christopher Leier
Natasha MacDonald
Janel Matt
Leslie Neilsen
Zewei Yu

Andrea Duffie, Student Assistant

If you have any questions or concerns about this Survey, please contact:

Paul Gingrich, Professor
Department of Sociology and Social Studies
University of Regina
585-4196, CL217,


This project has received financial support from the Multiculturalism Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage



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