Survey of Student Attitudes and Experiences - Fall 1998

Academic Performance


  1. What was your average grade in Grade 12 and what is it now?

Note: First semester students check the Grade 12 average only.

Other students check the appropriate box in each column.


Average Grade

In Grade 12

U of R Average

Under 60


















85 plus



  1. State what you consider to be a good grade and a minimally acceptable grade.


Good Grade

Minimally Acceptable Grade

Classes in major

__ __ %

__ __ %

Other classes

__ __ %

__ __ %


  1. Please check the statement that best describes your academic experience at the University of Regina.

I rarely have to work very hard, and I always get good grades


I get good grades, but I always have to work hard for them


I work hard, but my grades don't seem to reflect this


High grades are not a priority



  1. Consider your University experiences.

In general, would you say that:




University classes are dynamic and interesting


Professors attempt to get students involved in class




Professors challenge students to think




Professors respect student thoughts and opinions




Grading systems of professors are fair




U of R gives me skills that will help me succeed




English proficiency of some professors has been a barrier to learning




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