Dr. Osmond and staff

The process of developing this material will be, primarily but not exclusively by collecting oral histories to explore the diverse communities that were connected to the hospital; patients, parents and families, medical researchers, practitioners and administration, staff, local and provincial governments, and the community of Weyburn.

Publications, including Under the Dome, compiled by the Souris Valley History Book Committee and Harley D. Dickenson's, The Two Psychiatries, The Transformation of Psychiatric Work in Saskatchewan 1905 - 1984, will be incorporated. As well, institutional, municipal, university and provincial archives will be investigated.

 What You Can Do To Help

We are looking for people whose lives were touched in some way by the Weyburn Hospital, to share their stories. The stories may be about working there, visiting a friend or family member, or growing up as a child in the shadow of the building. We are interested, as well, in the myths, folklore and legends surrounding the building. Although these stories may be anecdotal, fanciful and unverifiable they are important artifacts of the archaeology of Weyburn.

Questions to get you Started

What are your strongest memories or associations of/with the Weyburn

•. Describe your relationship (official or not) to the Weyburn Hospital.

• What other stories, or even rumours, do you know about the hospital?

• What do you think is true and what is untrue about the hospital?

• Have you ever dreamed about the Weyburn Hospital, or any of your
experiences there? Can you describe the dream(s)?

Your story can be related by text (see email form below) or by telling of the story to a recording machine on our 800 number or by regular mail (see below). We will also, from time to time, be coming to Weyburn during the development of the project with a video camera and would love to tape your story. Please let us know if you would allow us to do this. Anonymity if desired will be protected.

email address:

phone: 1 866 646 0611

phone (local Regina): 585 5519

mailing address: 2326 Elphinstone St., Regina, S4T 3P1