Knowhere Productions is a theatre company committed to the
exploration of what theatre can become in relation to a particular space,
time, and community. Our aim is to devise distinctive site-specific
approaches that draw upon the particular cultural and geographical
resources of Saskatchewan.

Andrew Houston • Director
Kathleen Irwin • Scenographer
Richard Diener • Documentarist
Trenna Keating • Community liason
Lindsay Stetner • Composer
Kim Morgan • Visual artist
Joan Scaglione • Visual artist
Charles Fox • Sound artist

Wendy Philpott • Writer
Felipe Diaz • Artist
Michelle Sereda • Performance
Randal Fedje • Visual artist
Steve Wolfson • Filmmaker
Gerry Ruecker • Visual artist
Simone Hengen • Writer
Neven Stoski • Technical Director
Kim Bujaczek • Stage Manager
Blayne George • Visual Artist

Thanks to Special People




In 1994 Andrew Houston was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to study in Britain, where he graduated with a Ph.D. from the School of Communication and Image Studies, University of Kent at Canterbury. He has spent over ten years evolving a practical knowledge and pedagogy of theatre. He has been an associate director with Concrete Theatre in Edmonton and Theatre Gargantua in Toronto, as well as teaching at the University of Alberta and the University of Kent. After completing his studies in England, he became Artistic Coordinator of Drama at Lakeland College in Lloydminster, Alberta, producing original works, including two provincially funded multi-media shows. In January 2000 he joined the faculty of the Theatre Department at the University of Regina, specializing in Performance Studies. During his two years in this position he has developed a number of performance projects with students and colleagues exploring the formal relationships between the materials, frames, and sites of theatre's creation; notably he directed a series of three site-specific performances entitled THE HOST / THE GHOST / THE WITNESS. Andrew's current research focuses on the production of identity in contemporary theatre practice and is augmented by his own creative work.




Kathleen Irwin currently teaches scenography at the Theatre Department of the University of Regina and continues to design professionally in opera, theatre, dance and video. She trained at the National Theatre School and completed her MA/Scenography from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London UK and The DAMU Institute in Prague. Currently completing her doctoral degree through the University of Art and Design Helsinki, her recent research and practice have taken her into the area of site-specific performance. She will be spending a period of time, in 2002, as artist-in-residence in the Department of Theatre at the University of Belgrade investigating performance in the urban environment. Well known for her work in this area, she had given papers in London, Prague, Belgrade, Helsinki, Estonia, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Quebec City and published papers through the Prague Theatre Institute, The University of Belgrade Press and the University of Tallinn, Estonia. She is currently acting as Canadian Education Commissioner for OISTAT and is co-curator of the Canadian Student Exhibition at PQ 1999 and PQ 2003.



Richard Diener

Richard Diener has over 25 years experience as a producer, writer, and director of informational programming. He has written and/or produced programs focusing on history, inter-cultural awareness, and arts documentaries. With broad experience in media project management, budget preparation, script development and writing, and all phases of production, Richard has the ability to identify and achieve a projects' informational goals. Presently Richard is also working in digital imaging formats including video editing and web oriented new media. Richard holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of California at Berkeley and has completed additional course work in communications, graphic arts, art history, anthropology, and music theory. He is also a performing musician (harp) playing at many local functions.


Kim Morgan

I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. After completing high school I left for Montreal and earned my BA in English Literature from McGill University. From Montreal I moved to New York City and immersed myself in the visual arts, completing a BFA at the School of Visual Arts, majoring in sculpture and contemporary theory. Throughout my studies and after graduation I continued working and showing my own work while supporting myself by working for major galleries/museums and professional artists in NYC. I left New York at the end of 1995 moving to Toronto. In Toronto I was active in the film industry, working in special effects, and pursuing documentary projects. I also worked with the mentally ill, in specific art therapy. I left Toronto for China where I worked and traveled for two years before coming back to Canada.

I am currently completing my first year in the MFA program at the University of Regina, majoring in sculpture and site-specific installation. My work explores the relationship between public and private space and how individuals relate, perceive and negotiate space. My investigations extend from creating environments to altering existing architecture in order to explore individual memory and perception, in a complex, postmodern society.


Special Thanks to Supporters of the Weyburn Project.

Joanne MacDonald
Ann Wood
Ann Springett
Duane Schultz
Marga Cugnet
Melanie Harkness
Jan Keating
Finn Anderson
The University of Regina
Saskatchewan Arts Board
Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society

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Charles Fox

Since 1973, Charles Fox has worked as an artist, exhibiting - nationally and abroad – audio art, experimental films, video art and multimedia installation. Directly involved in the growth of the media arts in Canada, he has been integral to the founding of media arts centres in Guelph and Calgary. As well, Charles Fox has directed and produced cultural and educational documentary productions for broadcast and distribution. As an educator, he has taught courses in film & video production, intermedia arts, sound and experimental film in the Film & Photography program of Ryerson Polytechnic University and the Department of Fine Art, University of Guelph. Currently, Charles Fox is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Production Program in the Department of Media Production and Studies at the University of Regina, where he teaches courses in film & video, sound and new media production and production management.

Wendy Philpot

Wendy Philpott is a professional writer, both technical and creative, with a Master’s degree in Dramaturgy and Theratre Criticism. After years of dramaturgical work and theatre review writing, Wendy began playwriting and had her first play, Aftermath, produced by Lakeland College and Lloydminster District Health; the play toured to young audiences in Alberta and Saskatchewan in the Fall of 1999. Breathless Air , a dramatic narrative for two voices, was produced and broadcast on CBC radio in 2001. Currently in progress is a play titled Emily Unforgiving, which deals with post-World War One psychiatric nursing. Wendy is chair of the Dramaturgical Committee of the Saskatchewan Playwright’s Centre and is also a member of the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas.


Felipe is a Chilean Canadian who has been living in Canada since he was two years old. After moving around eastern Canada for several years he finally settled down in Regina, Saskatchewan. During his time in Regina, Felipe has worked with several artists and art organizations, creating several works around Saskatchewan. Felipe is currently working on his Masters in visual arts at the University of Regina and is looking forward to participating in the Weyburn project.

Michelle Sereda

Michele Sereda is the artistic director and co-founder of Curtain Razors. Ms. Sereda graduated from the University of Regina Theatre Department with a degree in Performance. Her theatre experience includes performance at all Saskatchewan's mainstage arenas: Globe Theatre, 25th Street Theatre, Persephone, Saskatchewan Playwrights Festival, and venues in western Canada and most recently at The Theatre Centre in Toronto. She has numerous film, television, and radio credits, and has participated in interdisciplinary work and/or study with New Dance Horizons, One Yellow Rabbit, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Neutral Ground, the Dunlop Art Gallery, the Western Front Society and Experimental Dance and Music in Vancouver. She regularyly conducts theatrical workshops for schools, organizations, and universities. Presently Michele is working on a performance in collaboration with poet David Solway to premiere at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in November 2002.

Joan Scaglione

Currently a graduate student in Visual Arts at the University of Regina, I’m interested in sacred and archetypal symbology as a foundation for my art practice to express the connectedness between the internal and external aspects of reality. The idea of art as a way to stimulate healing in a society disconnected from its own vital source embodies the essence of my creative impulse. Originally trained as a painter, my work has evolved into installation and site-specific work. I would like to incorporate performative aspects to my creative process…. Teaching has been a significant part of my life as an artist. I’ve taught art in a variety of educational settings to both children and adults including Toronto’s School by the Water at the Harbourfront, mask-making workshops at Stratford to drama teachers, the Mabin School of Toronto, the Neil Balkwill Centre and the University of Regina seniors extension program…. I was born in Massachusetts where the pull of the ocean is a constant in my life, yet I find my personal odyssey continually taking me further from my New England roots…. The Weyburn project is an opportunity to explore the shadow side of humanity, the darkness which resides in each of us awaiting acknowledgement and integration.

Randal Fedje

Randal Fedje is a recent graduate of the University of Regina, receiving a BFA majoring in Ceramics. Randal was born in Regina and lives in Pilot Butte Saskatchewan. The Canadian prairies have always been an influencial part of his work. Ceramics, like the prairies, is made up of textures and memories; a history that surpasses you or I. Randal's work primarily makes use of these histories and memories. Just like earth stratifications that make up the ground beneath you, family lines and geneology builds an individual. Randal is looking forward to the Weyburn Project. The architecture and placement of the building on the prairies is very close to his heart and the history of the building is a story that needs to be told.

Steve Wolfson

Steve has over fifteen years experience as an independent producer, writer and director, of work that includes an award winning music video, documentaries, drama and comedy. His work as a volunteer and consultant has made significant contributions to the development of the Province’s film industry. Also writer of children’s books and stories Steve has extensively toured schools and his book, "Monster Cheese" is a best seller in Saskatchewan and is used in the elementary school curriculum. With extensive cross-cultural experience Steve has worked with First Nations and Inuit in Canada and Indigenous peoples in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Belize, Mexico and the United States and also as an academic who has worked at the university level with the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College.

Gerry Ruecker

gerry ruecker is a local artist working in mixed media sculpture and sculpture furniture. he uses primarily found materials with an emphasis on copper, brass, and wood. he is self-taught, absorbing influences wherever, most notably the barcelona architect antonio gaudi, however he has had no formal education  in art. his work has been shown in numerous galleries in regina and is presently to be found in the 'la bodega' restaurant in regina. in this project he is doing an installation piece exploring the theme of home, belonging, personal space and identity.

Simone Hengen is an English as a Second Language teacher as well as a Sessional Lecturer in English and Religious Studies at the University of Regina. She spends a lot of time listening to, reading and teaching stories from many countries, cultures and eras. These stories connect her to the stories she heard growing up in Saskatchewan from family members who told what it was like to live in this province through the last century. She listened carefully to grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts, and others, noticing that stories are like fingerprints – the cadence, the phrasing, the images, the characters are peculiar to the storyteller. Her involvement in the Weyburn project is researching the storytellers and bringing to light their interpretations of the history, urban myths and folklore surrounding the hospital. The Weyburn Project gives her a chance to get to know the province’s history more thoroughly and hear more storytellers from her community.